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                8 February,2017
                Version 1.108 (hw 1.080)
                [+] Cloning Toyota SmartKey 128BIT (Page1 88) to SLK-03* 拷貝豐田128位智能卡
                [+] Cloning Toyota SmartKey 128BIT (Page1 A8) to SLK-03* 拷貝豐田128位智能卡
                [+] Cloning Toyota SmartKey 128BIT (Page1 A9) to SLK-04* 拷貝豐田128位智能卡
                [+] TangoPlus for Toyota V6.3
                True Emulation via OBD of all SmartKeys page1 88.
                The only right conception to solve the “All Keys Lost”problem. 序列號88 豐田智能卡全丟
                [+] TangoPlus for Toyota V6.3
                True Emulation via OBD of all SmartKeys page1 A8.
                The only right conception to solve the “All Keys Lost”problem. 序列號A8 豐田智能卡全丟
                [+] TangoPlus for Toyota V6.3
                True Emulation via OBD of all SmartKeys page1 A9.
                The only right conception to solve the “All Keys Lost”problem. 序列號A9 豐田智能卡全丟
                [+] TangoPlus for Toyota V6.3
                True Emulation via OBD of all SmartKeys page1 98.
                The only right conception to solve the “All Keys Lost”problem. 序列號98 豐田智能卡全丟
                [+] Image generator Toyota Page1 88 on SLK-03. The generated
                transponder is fully compatible to Toyota requrements that A Customer is able to learn it via OBD 豐田智能卡借助OBD生成序列號88啟動
                [+] Image generator Toyota Page1 A8 on SLK-03. The generated transponder is fully compatible to Toyota requrements that A Customer
                is able to learn it via OBD 豐田智能卡借助OBD生成序列號A8啟動
                [+] Image generator Toyota Page1 A9 on SLK-04. The generated transponder is fully compatible to Toyota requrements that A Customer
                is able to learn it via OBD 豐田智能卡借助OBD生成序列號A9啟動
                [+] SLK-04 Transponder launched!Supports Toyota’s SmartKey DST AES
                (Page1 A9) emulation. This feature allows to start an engine,to learn new keys. SLK-04芯片新出品
                [+] SLK-03 Transponder launched!Supports Toyota’s SmartKey DST AES
                (Page1 88 and A8) emulation. This feature allows to start an engine,to learn new keys. SLK-03 芯片新出品
                [+] SLK-02 Transponder launched!Supports Toyota’s SmartKey DST AES
                (Page1 98) emulation. This feature allows to start an engine,to
                learn new keys. SLK-02芯片新出品
                [+] SLK-01 Transponder launched!Supports Toyota’s SmartKey DST AES
                (Page1 94,D4) emulation. This feature allows to start an engine,to learn new keys. SLK-01芯片新出品
                [+] TangoPlus for Toyota V6.3
                True Emulation via OBD of all SmartKeys Page1 94.
                The only right conception to solve the “All Keys Lost”problem.
                [+] TangoPlus for Toyota V6.3
                True Emulation via OBD of all SmartKeys Page1 D4.
                The only right conception to solve the “All Keys Lost”problem.
                [+] Reset Toyota SmartKey(A9)*
                [+] Reset Toyota SmartKey(39)*
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Sprinter Classic (9S12,HITAG)* 奔馳sprinter 寫鑰匙
                [!] Improved Toyota Certification maker:
                -Write DST AES (Page1 88 and A8) to emulator SLK-03 修正豐田軟件寫DST AES 到SLK-03
                [.] Tango plus for Toyota: the V6.3connects to vehicles with a PassThru adapter. The software supports K-line and CAN communication.The
                software supports 40-,80-,128-bit immobilizers and Smartkey ECUs. 修正豐田OBD軟件
                [.] Some bugs fixed

                29 August 2016 2016.8.29
                Version 1.107(hw1.079)
                [+] Daihatsu-G TRUE Image generator(Page1 3B,5B)* 生成大發G芯片
                [+] Copying of Daihatsu-G keys* 拷貝大發G芯片
                [+] Dump editor to pair Smartkey ECU with ID CODE ECU.
                True calculation of synchro code on Smartkey ECU.
                Dump editor pairs all four units:Engine ECU,Smartkey ECU,Steering
                Lock ECU and ID CODE ECU* 豐田智能卡ECU數據同步
                [+] Added transponders LKP-02(Emulation of 4C,4D80,4E) 增加LKP02芯片仿真4C 4D80 4E
                [+] Keymaker VW Passat 1997-(93C66,ID48) 大眾帕薩特寫鑰匙1997-
                [+] Keymaker Daihatsu Myve 2010-(93C66,DST80)* 大發move 寫啟動
                [+] Keymaker Toyta Avanza 2010-(93C66,DST80)* 豐田avanza寫啟動
                [+] Image generator Daihatsu DST40* 生成大發40位4D芯片
                14.july.2016 2016.7.14
                [+] Techtream calculator: v9.30, v10.10 Techtream 計算器: v9.30, v10.10
                [+] Key maker Citroen Jumper 2012-(95640,HITAG)* 雪鐵龍Jumper 2012-(95640,HITAG)*
                [+] Key maker Isuzu NPR 2007-(93C56,HITAG) 五十鈴 NPR 2007-(93C56,HITAG)
                [+] Key maker Peugeot 206 2001- (95160,HITAG) 標志 206 2001- (95160,HITAG)
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Partner 2002- (95160,HITAG) 標志 partner2002- (95160,HITAG)
                [+] Image generator Chevrolet Spark (ID8E) 生成雪佛蘭Spark (ID8E)
                [+] Cloning of Toyota and Subaru 80 bit Keys** 拷貝豐田和斯巴魯G芯片
                [+] Added transponders CN2, CN5 to the Clone mode 增加使用CN2, CN5 芯片拷貝和寫功能
                [+] World First: 全球首發
                Subaru Smart Key 40BIT (9F) RESET*** 斯巴魯智能卡40位40BIT (9F) 舊卡重置成新卡
                [+] World First: 全球首發
                Toyota+: OBD Reset European cars based on G-immoboxes**** 豐田OBD Reset 歐洲款G-防盜盒

                6 May, 2016 2016.5.6
                Version 1.105 (hw 1.077)
                [+] Key maker Ford Edge 2007-(93C66,ID4D) 福特 edge 2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford EcoSport 2015-(9S12,DST80)* 福特 ecosport 2015-寫啟動
                [+] Again FIRST in the WORLD!
                Toyota image generator for Page1 36,56,96,37,57,97* 生成豐田G芯片
                [+] Again FIRST in the WORLD! 斯巴魯智能卡解鎖
                Subaru Smart Key (F1) RESET*
                [.] Improved maker " Toyota Smart Key": Remote and KeylessGo writing
                Supported DST AES keys. 改善豐田智能卡寫啟動

                22 April, 2016 2016.4.22
                Version 1.104 (hw 1.076)
                [+] Added transponder DST AES 增加德州儀器 dst aes 芯片菜單
                [+] Added transponder TMS37200 增加德州儀器 TMS37200芯片菜單
                [+] Reset of Toyota Smart Keys 40, 80, 128 bit* 解鎖豐田智能卡 40 80 128位
                [+] First in the World: Image generator for DST80 transponders (4D6F)
                of Toyota and Subaru Smart Key image with Page1 78, 98, F1 豐田智能卡功能內增加DST80生成4d6f
                Generator is available from the maker " Toyota Smart Key"
                [+] Key maker Ford Fiesta 2015- (9S12,DST80) 福特 fiesta 2015-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Explorer 2012- (9S12,DST80) 福特探險家 2012-寫啟動
                [+] Image generator ID46 Mahindra Scorpio 生成馬恒達46芯片
                [.] Improoved maker " Toyota Smart Key": Remote and KeylessGo writing
                Supported 40 and 80 bit keys. 改善豐田智能卡40 80位
                [.] Changed classification of the Tiris family's transponders: 修改德州儀器總體菜單
                4D, 4E, DST+, DST80, DST AES, TMS37126, TMS37200

                17 December, 2015 2015.12.17
                Version 1.103 (hw 1.075)
                [+] Key maker Citroen C4 2010-(95128,HITAG)* 雪鐵龍c4 2010- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Expert 2010-(95128,HITAG)* 標志 EXPERT 2010- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Partner 2010-(95128,HITAG)* 標志 PATNER 2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat IMM009.10 (9S08,ID48)* 菲亞特 immo 09.10寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Starex 2001- (95P08,HITAG) 現代 斯塔雷斯 2001- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Sonata 2006- (AM29BDD160,HITAG) 現代 索納塔 2006-寫啟動
                [+] Image generator ID46 Mahindra 生成 馬恒達(印度) 46芯片

                25 November, 2015 2015. 11.25

                Version 1.102 (hw 1.074)
                [.] Fixed some bugs 修復bug

                22 November, 2015 2015.11.22
                Version 1.101 (hw 1.073)
                [+] Key maker Peugeot 207 2008-(95128,HITAG) 標志2072008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda BT-50 2006-(95320,ID8C) 馬自達BT-502006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Ranger 2006-(95320,ID8C) 福特ranger2006-寫啟動 8c
                [+] Key maker Ford Everest 2006-(95320,ID8C) 福特Everest 2006-寫啟動 8c
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Swift 2012-(93C86,HITAG) 鈴木雨燕 2012-寫啟動 7936
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Maruti Swift 2012-(93C86,HITAG) 鈴木風神雨燕2012-寫啟動7936
                [+] Key maker Iveco Daily 2012-(95640,HITAG)* 依維柯DAILY 2012- 寫啟動7936
                [+] Key maker Ford Focus 2014-(95320,DST80)* 福特?怂 2014- 寫啟動hitag-pro
                [+] Key maker Porsche Cayene 2014-(9S12,HITAG-Pro) 保時捷凱宴 2014-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Porsche Cayman 2014-(9S12,HITAG-Pro) 保時捷卡曼 2014-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Porsche Macan 2014-(9S12,HITAG-Pro) 保時捷麥凱 2014-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker for BMW Explorer CAS3, CAS3+ 寶馬 cas3 cas3+explorer
                [+] Key maker for BMW Explorer CAS4, CAS4+ 寶馬cas4cas4+explorer
                [+] ID46 Cloning 46拷貝 需要另外硬件支持
                [.] CAS4 extended to CAS4+ (9S12, HITAG-Pro) csa4+ 寫啟動

                15 August 2015 2015 .8.15
                Version 1.100(hw 1.072)
                [+] key maker cas4 (9s12/ hitag-pro)
                [+] toyota tango+ 2012-* 豐田

                19 June, 2015 2015.6.19
                Version 1.99 (hw 1.071)
                [+] Added transponder HITAG Pro 讀寫NXP HITAG Pro
                [+] Added transponder HITAG3 讀NXP HITAG3
                [.] HITAG classification has been changed according to the NXP 以NXP 原廠方式分類讀寫79XX系列
                [+] Key maker Mitsubisi Montero 2000 (MC68HC805P18, ID4D) 三菱蒙特羅2000寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubisi Space Wagon 1999 (MC68HC805P18, ID4D) 三菱太空車 1999 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubisi Pajero 2000 (MC68HC805P18, ID4D) 三菱帕杰羅 2000 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubisi Pajero Sport 2000 (MC68HC805P18, ID4D) 三菱帕杰羅運動版 2000寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Cee'd 2012- (STM8, DST80) 起亞 cee’d 2012-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Tata Safari 1999- (24C01,ID11) 塔塔 薩法里 2011- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker SAIC MG3 2011- (24C16,HITAG) 上海汽車 MG3 2011-寫啟動 [+] Key maker Chevrolet Silverado 2011- (9S08,HITAG) 雪佛蘭 西爾維拉多 2011-寫啟動
                [+] Forensic software**

                **Custom software EDILOCK Group Ltd.

                12 May, 2015 2015.5.15
                Version 1.98 (hw 1.070)
                [+] Added transponder PCF7937E 讀寫nxp7937E
                [+] Key maker Iveco Stralis 2008- (25C640,DST+)* 依維柯斯塔拉里斯 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Smart Key (93C66,Original Smart, TPX2, 4D)* 豐田智能卡寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda Tribute 2008- (9S12, 4D) 馬自達 tribute 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Denso ECU 21175-0789 (93C86,4D) 川崎denso發動機電腦寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Golf V 2008- Visteon (95160, 95320 ID48) 大眾高爾夫v2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Subaru Forester 1998- (93C56,4E) 斯巴魯森林人1998-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dodge RAM 2008- (uPD70F, HITAG)* 道奇RAM 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dodge Charger 2008- (uPD70F, HITAG)* 道奇charger2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jeep Gr.Cherokee 2008- (uPD70F, HITAG)* 吉普大切諾基2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jeep Laredo 2008- (uPD70F, HITAG)* 吉普拉雷多2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VAZ Priora 2013- (95040,HITAG) 巴斯普廖拉2013-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Matiz 2006- (93C56,ID48) 雪佛蘭馬蒂芝2006-寫啟動

                24 December, 2014 2014.12.24
                Version 1.97 (hw 1.069)
                [+] Key maker Subaru XV 2012- (24C02,4D6F) 斯巴魯XV 2012-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Teana 2012 (9S12,HITAG) 尼桑天籟2012寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Previa 2003- (93C66,ID67)* 豐田普利維亞2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chery Very (24C02,HITAG) 奇瑞 very 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Camaro 2015- (24C32,HITAG) 雪佛蘭卡瑪洛2015-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Volvo XC70 2008- (25320,HITAG)* 沃爾沃xc70 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Volvo V70 2008- (25320,HITAG)* 沃爾沃v70 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Piaggio Vespa LX125 (95320,ID11) 比亞喬VESPA寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Mirage 2010- (25320,HITAG) 三菱 mirage寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi L200 2010- (25320,HITAG) 三菱L200 2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Aveo 2012- (25160, HITAG) 雪佛蘭愛唯歐 2012-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Smart Key (93C86,Original Smart, TPX2, 4D)* 豐田智能卡寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Captiva 2011- (9S08, HITAG) 雪佛蘭科帕奇寫啟動
                [+] Dump maker BCM2 (NEC)* 編輯大眾BCM文件
                [. ] Dump maker EDC17 added IMMO OFF 編輯大眾EDC17 文件 關閉防盜

                8 August, 2014 2014.8.8
                Version 1.96 (hw 1.068)
                [+] Image generator Great Wall ID40 生成中華40芯片
                [+] Key maker Toyota Yaris 2004 (93C56,4C)* 豐田雅力士2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Soul 2008- (TC1762,HITAG) 起亞秀爾2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Isuzu KB250 2004- (93C66,4D) 五十鈴KB250 2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 2009- (93C66,4D) 三菱 fuso 2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Ducato 2012- (95640,HITAG)* 菲亞特杜卡托2012-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Burstner Viseo 2011- (95640,HITAG)* 菲亞特 burstner 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Denso ECU 21175-0811 (93C86,ID4D) 川崎denso發動機電腦寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Boxer 2012- (95640,HITAG)* 標志boxer2012-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Manager 2013 (95160,HITAG)* 標志manager2013-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Latitude 2010- (9S12, HITAG)* 雷諾latitude2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Safrane 2010- (9S12, HITAG)* 雷諾safrane2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Samsung SM5 2010- (9S12, HITAG)* 雷諾samaung sm5 2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW New Betle (9S12, ID48EMU) 大眾新甲殼蟲寫啟動
                [+] Dump maker BCM2 (95320,NEC)* 編輯大眾bcm2文件
                [+] Format Megamos48 初始化拷貝48芯片
                [.] Fixed bug EDC17 Dump editor 維護edc17軟件bug

                28 April, 2014 2014.4.28
                Version 1.95 (hw 1.067)
                [+] Key maker Ford Focus3 2012-(9S12, DST80)* 福特?怂3 2012- 寫啟動(80位60芯片)
                [+] Key maker Ford Escape 2012- (9S12, DST80)* 福特escape 2012-寫啟動
                [+] Volvo CEM 28F400 based: Make Synchro tool* 沃爾沃 CEM 28f400 同步工具
                [+] Volvo CEM 93C86 based: Make Synchro tool* 沃爾沃CEM 93C86同步工具
                [+] Key maker Dodge Sprinter 2006-(9S12,HITAG)* 道奇sprinter 2006-寫啟動
                [+] Some 4D-based makers extended to TPX2 and EH2 升級 4D寫啟動選擇tpx2和eh2
                [.] Updated Techstream calculator: v8.20 升級TECHSTREAM 計算器 v8.20
                [.] New prices 新價格

                13 January, 2014 2014.1.13
                Version 1.94 (hw 1.066)
                [+] Dump editor for EDC17 VAG 編輯大眾發動機電腦edc17工具
                [+] Key maker Honda Jazz 2008 (93C66,HITAG) 本田爵士2008寫啟動
                [.] CAS3+ update: making a key having an ECU CAS3+ cas數據加發動機電腦數據寫全丟
                [.] Updated Techstream calculator to v8.30 升級TECHSTREAM 計算器 v8.30

                2 October, 2013 2013.10.2
                Version 1.93 (hw 1.065)
                [+] Copying of Megamos48 for Kia Carnival 2000-, 拷貝48到起亞雪佛蘭大禹等一些車型
                Kia Clarus 2000-,
                Kia Sedona 1999-, Kia Shuma 2000-, Kia Sportage 2000-,
                Chevrolet Aveo 2006-,
                Chevrolet Kalos 2006-, Chevrolet Spark 2008-,
                Chevrolet Tacuma 2006-,
                Pontiac G3 2006-,

                Daewoo Matiz 2001-, Daewoo Kalos 2002-, Daewoo Lacetti 2002-,
                Daewoo Nubira 2000-, Daewoo Leganza 2000-, Daewoo Lanos 2002-

                9 September, 2013 2013.9.9
                Version 1.92 (hw 1.064)
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Denso ECU 21175-0272 (93C66,ID4D) 川崎denso發動機電腦寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki SX4 2006- (HC08, ID40)* 鈴木SX4 2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Bombardier Sea-Doo 1997- (93C66, DS1990) 龐巴迪 sea-doo 1997-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Mondeo 1993- (TMS, ID4C) 福特蒙迪歐 1993-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Isuzu D_Max 2010- (93C66,HITAG) 五十鈴D-max 2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker LADA Largus 2012- (95040,HITAG)* 拉達 largus 2012-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Palio 1999- (93C66, ID48)* 菲亞特帕里奧1999-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Strada 1999- (93C66,ID48)* 菲亞特strada 199-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Kalos 2006- (93C56,ID48) 雪佛蘭卡洛斯2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Accord 2010- (93C66, HITAG) 本田雅閣2010-寫啟動
                [+] Copying ID8C Mazda, Ford 拷貝馬自達 福特8c
                [+] Copying ID8C Proton 拷貝寶騰8c
                [+] Image generator ID8C Mazda, Ford 生成 馬自達福特8c
                [+] Image generator ID8C Proton 生成寶騰8c
                [+] Image generator ID67E (Old Toyota Smart)* 生成豐田67e芯片老款智能卡用
                [+] Viewer of activated key makers 免費開放一些功能
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 367MB ) 升級幫助文件
                [.] Fixed bug Remote Control for Opel (93C76, 68HC908 HITAG) 修復bug’

                5 June, 2013 2013.6.5
                Version 1.91 (hw 1.063) 升級硬件

                1 June, 2013 2013.6.1
                Version 1.90 (hw 1.062)
                [+] Key maker by an image file
                of SuperVAG KEY for VW, Skoda, Seat (ID48)
                [+] Key maker VW Jeta 2008- (93C86,ID48) 大眾捷達2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Zhonghua FSV (93C56,HITAG) 中華fsv寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Sedici 2006- (93C56,HITAG) 菲亞特sedici寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki SX4 2006- (93C56,HITAG) 鈴木sx4寫啟動
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 364MB ) 幫助文件升級

                27 April, 2013 2013.4.27
                Version 1.89 (hw 1.061)
                [+] Key maker Ducati 1199 Panigale (9S12, 4D)* 杜卡迪1199帕尼加來寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Juke 2011- (93C76,HITAG) 尼桑juke 2011-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daihatsu Cuore 2004- (93C66,ID4D)* 大發cuore 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daihatsu Materia 2004- (93C66,ID4D)* 大發materia 2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daihatsu Sirion 2004- (93C66,ID4D)* 大發sirion寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daihatsu Terios 2004- (93C66,ID4D)* 大發terios寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Denso ECU 32920-23H00 (93C66, ID4D) 鈴木發動機電腦數據寫啟動
                [+] Tango+ for Toyota
                [+] Launched Online Update 啟動在線升級
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 359MB ) 幫助文件升級
                [.] Updated Techstream calculator to the versions v8.00 & v8.10 升級TECHSTREAM 計算器 v8.00和v8.10

                13 March, 2013 2013.3.13
                Version 1.88 (hw 1.060)
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Colt 1996- (24C02,ID4C) 三菱colt 1996-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Sedona 1999- (93C46,ID48) 起亞sedona 199-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Grand Vitara 2002- (93C66,ID4D)* 鈴木 grand vitara 2002寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Liana 2002- (93C66,ID4D)* 鈴木利亞納 2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Tata Indica 2008-2012 (24C04,HITAG) 塔塔 indica 2008-2012寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Tata Indigo 2008-2012 (24C04,HITAG)
                [+] Key maker Vortex Corda 2010- (24C02,HITAG) Vortex Corda 2010- (24C02,HITAG) 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Vortex Estina 2008- (24C02,HITAG) Vortex estina 2008- (24C02,HITAG) 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Vortex Tingo 2010- (24C02,HITAG) Vortex tingo 2010- (24C02,HITAG) 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Isuzu Trooper 1996- (93C66,ID4C) 五十鈴trooper 1996寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda CR-V 1998- (805P18,ID48) 本田crv1998-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Sandero 2010- (93C66,HITAG)* 雷諾sandero 2010- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Actros 2011- (95640, ID13)* 奔馳ACTROS 2011寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Explorer 2004- (77014,ID63) 福特探險家2004-寫啟動
                [+] Image generator Chery (ID46) 生成奇瑞46
                [+] Image generator Geely Emgrand EC7 2009- (ID46) 生成吉利46
                [+] Image generator Vortex (ID46) 生成vortex46
                [+] Comp.Security viewer* For Kessy(93C86), Comfort(95320),
                dashboard Micronas+24C32 讀大眾7字節
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 352MB ) 幫助文件升級

                30 January, 2013 2013.1.30
                Version 1.87 (hw 1.059)
                [+] Off-line Full Copy of TIRIS DST (ID60-70). Requires the special 離線 拷貝40位4D芯片
                table, that may be downloaded or obtained from our dealers.
                [+] Key maker SsangYong Musso 2001-05 (68HC05,ID48) 雙龍musso 2001-2005寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Passat B6 (95320,HITAG)* 邁騰cc寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Twingo-II 2007- (9S12, HITAG)* 雷諾twingo2 2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Fiesta 2001- (93C86, ID4C) 福特嘉年華2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Opel Signum 2002- (93C76,HITAG)* 歐寶signum 2002-寫啟動 [+] Key maker Opel Vectra 2002- (93C76,HITAG)* 歐寶維達2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Fusion 2007- (95160,ID4D) 福特fusion2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Cee’d 2012- (TC1762,HITAG) 起亞cee’d 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai i30 2012- (TC1762,HITAG) 現代I30 2012-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Solaris 2012- (TC1762,HITAG)- 現代solaris2012-寫啟
                [+] Key maker Toyota Auris 2005- immobox (93C66,ID67)* 豐田auris 2005-防盜盒寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Avantime 2001- (HC912,ID60) 雷諾 avantime 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Coupe 1996- (93C46,ID33) 菲亞特酷派1996寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Croma 1996- (93C46,ID33) 菲亞特croma1996-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker renault Mascott 2007- (95080,HITAG)* 雷諾mascott 2007-寫啟動
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 342MB) 幫助文件升級

                30 December, 2012 2012.12.30
                Version 1.86 (hw 1.058)
                [+] Key maker VW Passat B6 (95320,ID48) 邁騰cc寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Scala 2010- (93C66,HITAG) 雷諾scala 2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Aprio 2008- (93C66,HITAG)* 尼桑aprio 2008 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lincoln Cotinental 1998- (MC68HC11,ID4C) 林肯 cotinetal 1998-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Duster 2010- (93C66, HITAG)* 雷諾duater 2010-寫啟動
                [.] Techstream 96-digits + VIN calculator updated upto the last version TECHSTREAM 計算器
                [+] All makers based on the ID4C extended to TPX1 and EH2
                and supplied with “Explore key” button 全部寫4c版本增加選項tpx1和eh2
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 337MB) 幫助文件升級

                25 October, 2012 2012.10.25
                Version 1.85 (hw 1.057)
                [+] Key maker Volvo S60 2004- (93C86,ID48)* 沃爾沃s60 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Volvo S80 2004- (93C86,ID48)* 沃爾沃s80 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Volvo XC90 2004- (93C86,ID48)* 沃爾沃xc90 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Volvo XC90 -2003 (28F400,ID48) 沃爾沃xc90 -2003寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Volvo XC70 -2003 (28F400,ID48) 沃爾沃xc70 -2003寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Volvo V70 -2003 (28F400,ID48) 沃爾沃v70 -2003寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Highlander -2004 ECU(93C56,ID4C)* 豐田漢蘭達 -2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Opel Astra J 2008- (25160,HITAG) 歐寶阿斯達 j 2008寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Cabstar 2009- (9S12,HITAG)* 尼桑cabstar 2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Bongo3 2003- (95080,HITAG) 起亞bongo3 2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Magentis 2001- (93C56,ID4D) 起亞 magentis 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Terracan 2003- (95080,HITAG) 現代terracan 2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Skyline 2008- (9S12,HITAG) 尼桑skyline 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda 6 2005 (93C86,ID4D) 馬自達6 2005寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Subaru Impreza 2004- (24C01,ID4D) 斯巴魯 ompreza 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda2 2009- (9S12,ID4D) 馬自達2 2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda Demio 2009- (9S12,ID4D) 馬自達 demio 2009-寫啟動
                [+] Calculator Techstream 96 digits + VIN (v7_20)* TECHSTREAM 計算器 v7.20
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 335MB) 升級幫助文件

                25 August, 2012 2012.8.25
                Version 1.84 (hw 1.056)
                [+] Key maker Fiat Ducato 2010- (95160,HITAG)* 菲亞特ducato 2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Escape 2001- (77014,ID4D) 福特escape 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi 3000GT 1996 (24C01,ID4C) 三菱3000GT 1996寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Chariot 1996 (24C01,ID4C) 三菱 chariot 1996寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Eagle Vista Wagon 1996 (24C01,ID4C) 三菱eagle 1996寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Eclipse 1996 (24C01,ID4C) 三菱 eclipse 1996寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Express 1996 (24C01,ID4C) 三菱 express 1996 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Expo 1996 (24C01,ID4C) 三菱expo 1996寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Mirage 1996 (24C01,ID4C) 三菱mirage 1996寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Montero 1996 (24C01,ID4C) 三菱 montero 1996寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Nimbus 1996 (24C01,ID4C) 三菱nimbus 1996寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Shogun 1996 (24C01,ID4C) 三菱shogun 1996 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Space Gear 1996 (24C01,ID4C) 三菱 space gear 1996寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Space Wagon 1996 (24C01,ID4C) 三菱太空車 1996寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda City 2002-2008 (93C46,ID48) 本田思迪 2002-2008寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Verna 2007- (95160, HITAG) 現代 verna 2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Vel Satis 2002- (68HC912,HITAG)* 雷諾 vel satis 2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Denso ECU 21175-0356 川崎 denso發動機電腦數據寫啟動

                26 July, 2012 2012.7.26
                Version 1.83 (hw 1.055)
                [+] Key maker Dodge Ram Van 2002- (HC08, ID4E) 道奇ram van 2002寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Proton Savvy 2008- (93C46,ID4C) 寶騰savvy 2008寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Isuzu Bighorn 1998- (93C66,ID4E) 五十鈴 bighorn 1998寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jaguar Sovereign (93C46,ID13) 捷豹 sovereign 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jaguar XJS (93C46,ID13) 捷豹 xjs 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jaguar XK (93C46,ID13) 捷豹xk寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jaguar XK8(93C46,ID13) 捷豹xk8寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Infiniti G37 2009- (9S12,HITAG) 無限 g37 2099-寫啟動
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 325MB) 幫助文件升級
                [.] Techstream 96-digit calculator updated to the last version Techstream 計算器
                [.] Added manual choice of CAS3+ 添加cas3+選項
                [.] Fixed some bugs 修補了一些bug

                15 June, 2012 2012.6.15
                Version 1.82 (hw 1.054) 升級硬件

                14 June, 2012 2012.6.14
                Version 1.81 (hw 1.053)
                [+] Key maker VW Passat 1997-99 (93C66,ID13) 大眾帕薩特 1997-1999寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jeep Wrangler 2001- (24C02,ID4E) 吉普wrangle 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Atos Prime 2003- (95040,HITAG) 現代atos 2003- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai i10 2010- (95160,HITAG) 現代i10 2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Celica 1999- (93C56,ID4C) 豐田celica 1999-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Seicento 1998- (93C46,ID13) 菲亞特 seicento 1998-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Micra 2005-2011 (93C66,HITAG) 尼,旕Y 2005-2011寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Cadillac CTS 2005- (95040,HITAG)* 凱迪拉克CTS 2005寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Mondeo 2000-2002 (77014,ID4D) 福特蒙迪歐2000-2002寫啟動
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 321MB) 升級幫助文件

                02 May, 2012 2012.5.2
                Version 1.80 (hw 1.052)
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Cruze 2008- (24C16,HITAG) 雪佛蘭克魯茲 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Lacetti 2005- (ST7,ID4D) 雪佛蘭lacetti 2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Mascott 2002- (93C66,HITAG)* 雷諾 mascott 2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Clio II 2003- (93C66,HITAG)* 雷諾clio2 2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Accent 2004- (93C56,ID4D) 現代雅紳特 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai H1 2001- (93C56,ID4D) 現代h1 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai H200 2001- (93C56,ID4D) 現代h200 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Santa Fe 2006- (93C56,ID4D) 現代圣達菲 2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Sonata 2003- (93C56,ID4D) 現代索納塔 2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Starex 2002- (93C56,ID4D) 現代斯塔雷斯2002- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Terracan 2001- (93C56,ID4D) 現代特拉卡 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Trajet 2004- (93C56,ID4D) 現代trajet 2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Carnival 2002- (93C56,ID4D) 起亞嘉年華 2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Sorento 2003- (93C56,ID4D) 起亞索蘭托 2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Volvo V40 2004- (9S12,ID48) 沃爾沃v40 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Volvo V50 2004- (9S12,ID48) 沃爾沃v50寫啟動
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 315MB) 升級幫助文件

                21 March, 2012 2012.3.21
                Version 1.79 (hw 1.051)
                [+] Key maker Honda Stream -2006 (93C46,ID48) 本田stream -2006寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Fit 2007- (93C66,HITAG) 本田飛度 2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda bike ECU 38770-KTW-901 (93C66,HITAG)* 本田摩托車發動機電腦寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda bike ECU 38770-MCZ-003 (93C56,HITAG)* 本田摩托車發動機電腦寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda bike ECU 38770-MFN-D01 (93C56,HITAG)* 本田摩托車發動機電腦寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda bike ECU 38770-MEE-702 (93C56,HITAG)* 本田摩托車發動機電腦寫啟動
                [+] Key maker UAZ Hunter (TC1762,HITAG) uaz hunter 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki SX4 2012- (TC1762,HITAG) 鈴木SX4 2012-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda B3000 2001- (95040,ID4D) 馬自達B3000 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Focus 2000 (77012,ID4D) 福特?怂 2000寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Ka 2007 (93C86,ID4C) 福特 KA 2007寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler Voyager Limited 2008- (93C86,HITAG) 雪佛蘭 voyager 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Calculator Techstream 96 digits* 計算器
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 304MB) 幫助文件升級

                6 February, 2012 2012.2.6
                Version 1.78 (hw 1.050)
                [+] Key maker Kia Spectra 2005-2011(95040,HITAG) 起亞 spectea 2005-2011寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Kangoo 2007-(95080,HITAG)* 雷諾kangoo 2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Jimny 1998-2003 (24C01,ID4C) 雷諾吉姆尼 1998-2003 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Sequoia -2004 (93C66,ID4C)* 豐田 sequoia -2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Piaggio Vespa GTS125 (ST10F629,ID11)* 比亞喬vespa gts125 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Coupe 1996- (93C56,ID4C) 現代酷派 1996-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen Xantia 1999- (93C66,ID48) 雪鐵龍xantia 1999-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Isuzu Forward FRR 2006- (93C66,HITAG) 五十鈴forward frr 2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Isuzu Forward FTR 2009- (93C66,HITAG) 五十鈴forward ftr 2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daewoo Lacetti 2006- (ST7,ID4D) 大禹 lacetti 2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen Xantia 2001- (95040,ID48) 雪鐵龍xantia 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai SantaFe 2002- (95P08,HITAG) 現代圣達菲2002-寫啟動
                [+] Calculator Techstream 6 digits* 計算器
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 300MB) 幫助文件升級

                31 December, 2011 2011.12.31
                Version 1.77 (hw 1.049)
                [+] Key maker Honda Legend 2006- (93C46,ID8E) 本田里程 2006-寫啟動
                [+] Copying ID4C onto TPX1 拷貝4c到tpx1
                Happy New Year!

                8 December, 2011 2011.12.8
                Version 1.76 (hw 1.048)
                [+] Key maker Chrysler Sebring 2007- (24C16,HITAG)* 克萊斯勒 sebring 2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Accord 2010- (93C66,HITAG) 本田雅閣2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Bantam 2004- (24C02,ID4C) 福特 bantam 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Piaggio Vespa GTS250 (ST10F629,ID11)* 比亞喬 vespa gts250寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai i30 2009-(95160,HITAG) 現代i30 2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Fusion 2007- (93C56,ID4D) 福特 fusion 2007-寫啟動
                [+] Unlock unused VAZ PCF7941 black key 解鎖vaz 9741芯片
                [+] Copying ID4C onto battery emulator EH2 拷貝4c到eh2芯片
                [+] Image generator VAZ black key (PCF7941) 生成 vaz7941芯片
                [+] Image generator Saab Remote Key (HITAG) 生成薩博遙控鑰匙芯片
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 290MB) 幫助文件升級

                3 November, 2011 2011.11.3
                Version 1.75 (hw 1.047)
                [+] Key maker Toyota Rush immobox 2006- (93C66,ID67)* 豐田 rush 2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Avanza immobox 2008- (93C66,ID67)* 豐田avanza 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Smart Forfour 2004- (9S12,HITAG) 奔馳前瞻2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Polonez Cairo 1998-2001 (93C46,ID13) 波羅乃茲 1998-2001寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Skoda Fabia 2000- (93C86, ID48) 斯柯達晶銳2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Roewe 750 2007- (9S12,HITAG) 榮威750 2007- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Juke 2010- (93C66,HITAG) 尼桑JUKE 2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan March 2011 (93C66, HITAG) 尼,旕Y 2011 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Sunny 2011 (93C76,HITAG) 尼桑陽光 2011 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda Tribute 2004 (93C56,ID4D) 馬自達Tribute 2004 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi ASX 2010 (24C16,HITAG) 三菱勁炫 2010 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi ASX 2011 (24C16,HITAG) 三菱勁炫2011寫啟動
                [+] Copying Toyota ID67-68-70 on TPX2, EH2 拷貝豐田67-68-70 在TPX2 EH2芯片上
                [+] Copying Toyota Smartcard on TPX2, EH2 (transponder part) 拷貝豐田智能卡 在TPX2 EH2上 (芯片部分)
                [+] Copying Yamaha ID60 拷貝雅馬哈60芯片
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 282MB) 幫助文件升級

                3 October, 2011
                Version 1.74 (hw 1.046)
                [+] Again first in the World! Launched HITAG transponder that 啟動HITAG 芯片用于新奧迪和大眾
                used on new Audi and VW
                [+] Key maker Toyota RAV4 2004- (93C66,ID67G)* 豐田RAV42004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Sequoia immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67)* 豐田紅杉 2005- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Sephia 1999-(93C46) 起亞塞菲亞1999- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Sorento 2007- (95320,HITAG) 起亞索蘭托 2007 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Cerato 2003- (95040,HITAG) 起亞賽拉圖2003- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Colt 1996 (24C01) 三菱 Colt 1996 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daewoo Lanos 2002 (93C56) 大宇藍龍 2002 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Galaxy immobox 7M5 953 257 (24C04,ID44) 福特Galaxy 寫啟動 44芯片
                [+] Key maker Ford Galaxy immobox 7M0 953 257K (TMS,ID42) 福特Galaxy 寫啟動 42芯片
                [+] Key maker Suzuki bike ECU Denso 32920-10GG0(93C66) 鈴木摩托車發動機電腦 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki bike ECU Denso 32920-47H00 (93C66) 鈴木摩托車發動機電腦寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda bike ECU 38770_MFG-D02 (93C66,HITAG)* 本田摩托車發動機電腦寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ducati Multistrada620 (24C16,ID11)* 杜卡迪Multistrada寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Haima Happin (24C02,HITAG) 海馬海福星寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chery A3 (24C02,HITAG) 奇瑞A3寫啟動
                [+] Image generator VW Jetta 2001 for China market (ID48) 生成大眾2001捷達48芯片
                [+] New pictures in help file (total 278MB) 幫助文件升級

                1 September, 2011
                Version 1.73 (hw 1.045)
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Starex 2000- (93C66,ID4C) 現代 斯塔雷斯 2000-寫啟動

                [+] Key maker Nissan Versa 2006- (93C66,HITAG) 尼桑Versa2006- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Accord 2006- (93C46,ID8E) 本田雅閣2006-寫啟動
                [+] Renault cards PCF7947: writing eeprom 雷諾卡 7947
                [+] Launched transponder TPX2
                [+] Image generator Mercedes ML
                [.] Improved reading of Renault’s cards PCF7947 eeprom

                1 August, 2011
                Version 1.72 (hw 1.044)
                [+] Key maker Fiat Bravo 2009- (95160,HITAG)* 菲亞特博悅2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Navara 2009- (9S12,HITAG)* 尼桑皮卡Navara 2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Wagon R 2000- (TMS,ID40)* 鈴木北斗星2000 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Montero 2007- (24C02,HITAG) 三菱帕杰羅2007- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Puma 1996- (TMS,ID4C) 福特彪馬 1996-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki bike ECU Denso 3290-05H02 鈴木摩托車發動機電腦
                [+] Image generator Chrysler S CAN Y164 (HITAG) 生成克萊斯勒SCAN芯片
                [+] Image generator Chrysler fobik valet (HITAG) 生成克萊斯勒fobik芯片
                [+] Image generator Chevrolet circle plus (HITAG) 雪佛蘭circle
                [+] Image generator Renault Megane-2 (HITAG) 生成雷諾梅甘娜芯片
                [+] Image generator Renault Scenic-2 (HITAG) 生成雷諾風景芯片
                [+] Image generator Laguna-2 phase1 (HITAG) 生成拉古娜芯片
                [+] Image generator Renault Vel Satis phase1 (HITAG) 生成雷諾威塞帝芯片
                [+] Image generator Renault Espace-4 phase1 (HITAG) 生成雷諾Espace-4芯片
                [+] Image generator Laguna-2 phase2 (HITAG) 生成拉古娜芯片
                [+] Image generator Renault Vel Satis phase2 (HITAG) 生成雷諾威賽帝芯片
                [+] Image generator Renault Espace-4 phase2 (HITAG) 生成雷諾Espace-4芯片
                [+] Image generator Renault Clio-2 (HITAG) 生成珂萊歐-2芯片
                [+] Image generator Renault Clio-3 (HITAG) 生成珂萊歐-3芯片
                [+] Image generator Renault Trafic phase2 (HITAG) 生成雷諾Trafic芯片
                [+] Image generator Renault Twingo phase2 (HITAG) 生成雷諾 Twingo 芯片
                [+] Image generator Renault Master phase2 (HITAG) 生成雷諾Master 芯片
                [.] Changed algorithm of key maker Iveco Daily 1999- (93C56,HITAG)
                [.] Changed Autodetect

                1 July, 2011
                Version 1.71 (hw 1.043)
                [+] Key maker Dacia Sandero 2008- (93C66,HITAG)* 雷諾達西亞Sandero 2008- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dacia Sandero 2008- (95040, HITAG)* 雷諾達西亞Sandero 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Sandero 2008- (93C66)* 雷諾 Sandero 2008- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Coupe 2002- (68HC908,HITAG) 現代Coupe 2002- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Elantra 2010- (95320,HITAG) 現代悅動2010- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai i30 2008- (95320) 現代I30 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daihatsu Domino 1999- (93C66,ID4C) 大發 Domino 1999- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daihatsu Charade 1998- (93C66,ID4C) 大發Charade 1998-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daihatsu Handivan 1999- (93C66,ID4C) 大發Handivan 1999-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Matrix immobox 2004- (93C66, ID67 ID68)* 豐田Matrix 2004- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Matrix ECU 2004- (93C56, ID67 ID68)* 豐田Matrix發動機電腦 2004-
                [+] Key maker Dodge Charger 2007-(93C86,HITAG)* 道奇酷威2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Beetle 1998- (HC12, ID48) 大眾甲殼蟲1998-寫啟動
                [+] Image generator ID70 on ID4D 生成4D-70芯片
                [+] Further advance PCF7953: eeprom reading 讀pcf7953eep
                [+] Autodetect ID67-G, ID63-6F 鑒別豐田G和63-F
                [+] +18MB new pictures in the help (264MB) 幫助文件升級
                [.] Changed features of keymakers based on ID67,68,70.
                Now keymaker accepts usual ID4D as well as genuine ID67,68,70. 豐田寫鑰匙用空白4d

                27 May, 2011
                Version 1.70 (hw 1.042)
                [+] Key maker Renault Logan 2010-(93C66,HITAG)* 雷諾 Logan 2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Denso 32920-10GA0 (93C66,ID4C) 鈴木Denso寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Denso 32920-10GF0 (93C66,ID4C) 鈴木Denso 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Prius 2005-(93C66,ID70)* 豐田普銳斯 2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Altima 2004- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑天籟2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Armada 2004- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑Armada2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Frontier 2004- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑Frontier 2004 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan March 2010 (93C76, HITAG) 尼,旕Y 2010寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Maxima 2004- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑Maxima 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Murano 2003- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑樓蘭 2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Note 2005- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑NOTE 2005 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Pathfinder 2004- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑Pathfinder 2004- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Quest 2005- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑貴士2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Sentra 2005- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑 Sentra 2005- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Skyline 2005- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑Skyline 2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Teana 2004- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑天籟2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Tiida 2005- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑騏達2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Titan 2004- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑Titan 2004- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan X-Trail 2004- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑奇駿2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Xterra 2005- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑Xterra 2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan 350Z 2004- (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 尼桑350Z 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Infiniti FX35 2004 (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 英菲尼迪FX35 2004 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Infiniti FX45 2004 (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 英菲尼迪FX45 2004 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Infiniti M35 2004 (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 英菲尼迪M35 2004 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Infiniti QX56 2010 (93C56, 93C66, HITAG) 英菲尼迪QX56 2010 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler Intrepid 2001- (68HC08, ID4E) 克萊斯勒 Intrepid 2001- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Avensis immobox 2004- (93C66, ID67 ID68)* 豐田Avensis 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Avensis ECU 2004- (93C56, ID67 ID68)* 豐田 Avensis發動機電腦寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Yaris 2003 (93C86, ID4C)* 豐田雅力士2003寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Outlander 2008- (24C16, HITAG) 三菱歐藍德2008-寫啟動
                [+] Image generator ID67 on ID4D* 生成67芯片
                [+] Image generator ID68 on ID4D* 生成68芯片
                [+] Eeprom access on PCF7947
                [+] New feature in Autodetect: VIN reading from Renault cards
                [+] Launched PCF7953P. IDE reading
                [.] Deleted menu NATS6 by BSI type. Replaced by car models.

                30 April, 2011
                Version 1.69 (hw 1.041)
                [+] Key maker Opel Agila 2008-(93C66,HITAG) 歐寶Agila2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Splash 2009-(93C66,HITAG) 鈴木派喜2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Lancer X 2009-(24C16,HITAG) 三菱藍瑟2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Seat Toledo 1999-(93C86,ID48) 西亞特Toledo 1999-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Avensis ECU (25080,ID4C)* 豐田Avensis發動機電腦 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota SportsVan ECU (25080,ID4C)* 豐田SportsVan發動機電腦寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota 2005- 93C66 Encrypted Dump support* 豐田2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Trafic 2007-(95080,HITAG)* 雷諾Trafic 2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Midlum 2006-(25040,HITAG)* 雷諾Midlum 2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Fiesta 2007-(95160,ID4D) 福特嘉年華 2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Piaggio (ST72334)* 比亞喬摩托車寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Buick Rendezvous 1997 (HC08,ID13) 別克Rendezvous 1997寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Buick Park Avenue 1997 (HC08,ID13) 別克林蔭大道1997 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Buick Century 2000-05 (HC08,ID13) 別克世紀 2000-05寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Buick LeSabre 2000-05 (HC08,ID13) 別克 LeSabre 2000-05寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Buick Regal 1997 (HC08,ID13) 別克君威1997寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Buick Roadmaster 1997 (HC08,ID13) 別克Roadmaster 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Cadillac Deville STS 2000-05 (HC08,ID13) 凱迪拉克帝威STS 2000 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Cadillac Eldorado 2000 (HC08,ID13) 凱迪拉克Eldorado 2000 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Cadillac Seville 1998-05 (HC08,ID13) 凱迪拉克賽威1998 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Cadillac CTS 1998-03 (HC08,ID13) 凱迪拉克CTS1998 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Camaro 1997 (HC08,ID13) 雪弗萊科邁羅1997 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Cavalier 1997 (HC08,ID13) 雪弗萊 Cavalier 1997 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Corvette 1997 (HC08,ID13) 雪弗萊克爾維特1997寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Impala 1997 (HC08,ID13) 雪弗萊Impala 1997 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Kalos 2006 (93C56,ID48) 雪弗萊Kalos 2006 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Malibu 1997-04 (HC08,ID13) 雪弗萊邁瑞寶1997-04 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Montecarlo 2000-05 (HC08,ID13) 雪弗萊蒙特卡羅 2000-05寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Venture 1999-05 (HC08,ID13) 雪弗萊Venture 1999-05 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Oldsmobile Aurora 2001-03 (HC08,ID13) 奧斯莫比 Aurora 2001-03 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Oldsmobile Silhouette 1999-04 (HC08,ID13) 奧斯莫比Silhouette1999-04寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Pontiac Aztek 2001-05 (HC08,ID13) 龐蒂亞克Aztek 2001-05 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Pontiac Bonneville 2000-05 (HC08,ID13) 龐蒂亞克Bonneville 2000-05寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Pontiac Grand Prix 2000-03 (HC08,ID13) 龐蒂亞克Grand Prix 2000-03寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Pontiac Montana 1999-03 (HC08,ID13) 龐蒂亞克Montana 1999-03寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Boxer 2010 (95160,HITAG)* 標志Boxer 2010 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen Jumper 2011 (95160,HITAG)* 雪鐵龍Jumper 2011 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Pathfinder 2007- (9S12,HITAG)* 尼桑Pathfinder 2007 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Hilux 2006-2011 (93C66,ID67)* 豐田Hilux2006-2011 寫啟動
                [+] New pictures in the help (246MB) 幫助文件升級

                30 March, 2011
                Version 1.68 (hw 1.040)
                [+] Unlock Megamos 8E via EZS dump* 用ezs文件解鎖8E芯片

                24 March, 2011
                Version 1.67 (hw 1.039)
                [+] Key maker Infiniti Q45 2001- (S29190,ID4D) 英菲尼迪Q45 2001- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Sandero 2008-(95040,HITAG)* 雷諾Sandero 2008- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Logan 2010-(95040,HITAG)* 雷諾Logan 2010- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Symbol 2010-(95040,HITAG)* 雷諾Symbol2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Duster 2010-(95040,HITAG)* 雷諾Duster 2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dacia Duster 2010-(95040,HITAG)* 達西亞Duster 2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dacia Logan 2010-(95040,HITAG)* 達西亞 Logan 2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Almera 2003-(93C66,HITAG)* 尼桑Almera2003- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Primera 2003-(93C66,HITAG)* 尼桑Primera 2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Kubistar 2005-(93C66,HITAG)* 尼桑拉軒2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Navara 2005-(93C66,HITAG)* 尼桑 Navara 2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Pathfinder 2005-(93C66,HITAG)* 尼桑Pathfinder2005寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan X-Trail 2010-(9S12,HITAG)* 尼桑奇駿 2010- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Qashqai 2010-(9S12,HITAG)* 尼桑肖克2010-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Tiida 2005-2010(95080,HITAG) 尼桑騏達2005-2010 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Delica 2007-(24C16,HITAG) 三菱Delica 2007- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Lancer 2009-(24C16,HITAG) 三菱藍瑟2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Volvo S80 -2003(28F400,ID48) 沃爾沃S80-2003 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Windstar 1996-99(TMS,ID4C) 福特穩達1996-99 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Idea 2003-(HC912,ID48)* 菲亞特Idea 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Denso ECU 21175-0341 川崎摩托車發動機電腦板
                [+] Key maker Dodge Journey 2009(93C86,HITAG) 道奇酷威2009寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Santana 2006(93C56,ID48) 桑塔納2006寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dodge RAM 2004-(HC08,ID4E) 道奇RAM2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler Neon 2001(24C02,ID4E) 克萊斯勒Neon寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dodge Neon 2001(24C02,ID4E) 道奇Neon2001寫啟動
                [+] Key maker NATS6 BCM 284B2ED510 NATS6 BCM寫啟動
                [+] Key maker NATS6 BCM 284B1EA400 NATS6 BCM寫啟動
                [+] Key maker NATS6 BCM 284B1CL000 NATS6 BCM 寫啟動
                [+] Unlock Mitsubishi Raider PCF7941 解鎖三菱Raider7941
                [+] Login extraction from Nissan HITAG Key (Almera, Primera)*
                [!] Full FREE production of TP22-TP25 生成全部大眾專用芯片免費

                30 Januar, 2011
                Version 1.66 (hw 1.038)
                [+] Key maker Chrysler 300M 2002-(24C02,ID64) 克萊斯勒300M 2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler Aspen 2005- (9S12,HITAG) 克萊斯勒Aspen2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler PT Cruiser 2001-(68HC08,ID64) 克萊斯勒PT漫步者2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen Elysee 2002-(93C46,ID33) 愛麗舍2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen C1 2004-(24C04,ID70)* 雪鐵龍C1 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dodge Dakota 2005- (9S12,HITAG) 道奇 Dakota 2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dodge Durango 2005- (9S12,HITAG) 道奇杜蘭戈2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ferrari California 2004-(HC912,ID48)* 法拉利California2004- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda CRV 2006-(93C66,HITAG) 本田CRV 2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Civic 2002-(93C46,ID48) 本田思域2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai H1 2001-(95P08,HITAG) 現代H12001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jeep Commander 2007- (93C86,HITAG) 吉普指揮官2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jeep Compass 2007- (24C16,HITAG)* 吉普指南者2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jeep Patriot 2007- (24C16,HITAG)* 吉普自由客2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jeep Wrangler 2007- (24C16,HITAG)* 吉普牧馬人2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Cee’d 2008-(95320,HITAG) 起亞Cee’d 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda MPV immobox 2000- (HC05,ID8C) 馬自達MVP防盜盒2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda 626 immobox 2000- (HC05,ID8C) 馬自達626防盜盒2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda Demio immobox 2000- (HC05,ID8C) 馬自達Demio 防盜盒2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda B2600 immobox 2000- (HC05,ID8C) 馬自達B2600防盜盒2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda 626 ECU 2000- (24C01,ID8C) 馬自達626發動機電腦板2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda MPV ECU 2000- (24C01,ID8C) 馬自達MVP發動機電腦板2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda Demio ECU 2000- (24C01,ID8C) 馬自達Demio發動機電腦板2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda B2600 ECU 2000- (24C01,ID8C) 馬自達B2600發動機電腦板2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda 626 ECU 2000- (93C56,ID8C) 馬自達626發動機電腦板2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda MPV ECU 2000- (93C56,ID8C) 馬自達MPV發動機電腦板2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda Demio ECU 2000- (93C56,ID8C) 馬自達Demio發動機電腦板2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda B2600 ECU 2000- (93C56,ID8C) 馬自達B2600發動機電腦板2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda 626 ECU 2000- (77014,ID8C) 馬自達626發動機電腦板2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda MPV ECU 2000- (77014,ID8C) 馬自達MPV發動機電腦板2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda Demio ECU 2000- (77014,ID8C) 馬自達Demio發動機電腦板2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda B2600 ECU 2000- (77014,ID8C) 馬自達B2600發動機電腦板2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Raider 2005- (9S12,HITAG) 三菱Raider2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Clio Sport 2009- (9S12,HITAG) 雷諾 Clio Sport2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Laguna-2 (HC912,HITAG)* 雷諾拉古娜-2 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Laguna-III 2008-(9S12,HITAG)* 雷諾拉古娜-III 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Koleos 2008- (9S12,HITAG)* 雷諾科雷傲2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki bike ECU Denso 3290-15H30 鈴木摩托車發動機電腦板寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Grand Vitara 2003-(24C01,HITAG) 鈴木超級維特拉2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot 107 2005-(24C04,ID70)* 標志107 2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Camry immobox -2003(24C04,ID4C)* 豐田凱美瑞防盜盒2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Yaris immobox -2003(24C04,ID4C)* 豐田雅力士防盜盒2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Previa immobox -2003(24C04,ID4C)* 豐田普瑞維亞防盜盒2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Corolla immobox -2003(24C04,ID4C)* 豐田卡羅拉防盜盒2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Carina immobox -2003(24C04,ID4C)* 豐田凱美瑞防盜盒2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Avensis 2003-(24C04,ID70)* 豐田Avensis 2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Aygo 2003-(24C04,ID70)* 豐田Aygo2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Auris immobox 2003-(93C56,ID70)* 豐田Auris防盜盒2003 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Yaris immobox 2003-(93C56,ID70)* 豐田雅力士防盜盒70寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Yaris immobox 2003-(93C66,ID67)* 豐田雅力士防盜盒67寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Passat VDO 1999-(93C86,ID48) 大眾帕薩特VDO1999-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW T5 2003-(93C86,ID48) 大眾T52003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Golf-IV 1999-(93C86,ID48) 大眾高爾夫-IV1999-寫啟動
                [+] New photos in help (216MB) 幫助文件升級

                29 December, 2010
                Version 1.64 (hw 1.036)
                [+] Key maker Honda CR-V 2004- (24C04,HITAG) 本田CRV2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Element 2004- (24C04,HITAG) 本田 Element 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Pilot 2002- (24C04,HITAG) 本田Pilot 2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Ridgeline 2005- (24C04,HITAG) 本田 Ridgeline 2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Acura CSX 2008- (24C04,HITAG) 謳歌CSX 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Acura RDX 2008- (24C04,HITAG) 謳歌RDX 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Acura TSX 2008- (24C04,HITAG) 謳歌TSX2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Acura TL 2008- (24C04,HITAG) 謳歌TL2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Acura CL 1998- (93C46,ID13) 謳歌CL 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Acura Integra 1998- (93C46,ID13) 謳歌英特格拉1998-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Acura NSX 2001- (93C46,ID13) 謳歌NSX 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Acura TL 1998- (93C46,ID13) 謳歌TL 1998-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda2 2009-(93C66, ID4D) 馬自達2 2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Galant 2004- (24C01,HITAG) 三菱戈藍2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Isuzu Trooper 1999- (93C66,ID64) 五十鈴 1999-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daewoo Nubira 1998- (HC05,ID13) 大宇Nubira 1998-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Seat Altea -2009 (24C32, TP23) 西亞特Altea -2009 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Seat Altea -2009 (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 西亞特Altea-2009 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Seat Leon 2003-2009 (24C32, TP23) 西亞特Leon 2003-2009 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Seat Leon 2003-2009 (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 西亞特Leon 2003-2009 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Seat Toledo 2003-2009 (24C32, TP23) 西亞特Toledo2003-2009 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Seat Toledo 2003-2009 (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 西亞特Toledo2003-2009 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Eos -2009 (24C32, TP23) 大眾 Eos -2009 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Eos -2009 (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 大眾Eos-2009 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Bora -2009 (24C32, TP23) 大眾寶來-2009 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Bora -2009 (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 大眾寶來-2009寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Sonata 2008- (29F400,HITAG) 現代索納塔2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Elantra 2008- (29F400,HITAG) 現代伊蘭特2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Tucson 2008- (29F400,HITAG) 現代途勝2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Tiburon 2008- (29F400,HITAG) 現代Tiburon 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Coupe 2008- (29F400,HITAG) 現代酷派2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai SantaFe 2008- (29F400,HITAG) 現代圣達菲2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Tuscani 2008- (29F400,HITAG) 現代Tuscani 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Matrix 2008- (29F400,HITAG) 現代美佳 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Sonata 2005- (93C66,ID60) 現代索納塔2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Elantra 2005- (93C66,ID60) 現代伊蘭特2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Tucson 2005- (93C66,ID60) 現代途勝2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Tiburon 2005- (93C66,ID60) 現代Tiburon 2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Coupe 2005- (93C66,ID60) 現代酷派2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai SantaFe 2005- (93C66,ID60) 現代圣達菲2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Tuscani 2005- (93C66,ID60) 現代Tuscani 2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Sportage 2008- (29F400,HITAG) 起亞獅跑2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Cee’d 2008- (29F400,HITAG) 起亞Cee’d 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Sportage 1999- (93C46, ID48) 起亞獅跑2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Panda 2002-(9S12,HITAG) 菲亞特Panda 2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Seat Leon 2004-(9S12,ID48) 西亞特Leon 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Seat Cordoba 2004-(9S12,ID48) 西亞特Cordoba 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda2 2003-(93C56,ID4D) 馬自達2 2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda3 (93C66,ID4D) 馬自達3寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford S-Max 2008- (25320)* 福特S-max 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ducati Monster 796* 杜卡迪Monster 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Cadillac CTS 2003- (68HC908,ID48)* 凱迪拉克CTS 2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Infiniti FX35 2008-(9S12,HITAG) 英菲尼迪 FX35 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Altima 2008-(9S12,HITAG) 尼桑天籟2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Murano 2008-(9S12,HITAG) 尼桑樓蘭2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Golf4 VDO 1998-(93C66,ID48) 大眾高爾夫4VDO 1998-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Skoda Oktavia 2001-(93C86,ID48) 斯柯達明銳 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Teana 2008-(9S12,HITAG) 尼桑天籟2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Sagitar (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 大眾速騰寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Sagitar (24C32, TP23) 大眾速騰寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Accord 2005- (93C46,ID48) 本田雅閣2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet HHR 2007- (95040,HITAG)* 雪弗萊HHR 2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki bike ECU Denso 32920-15H00 (93C66) 鈴木摩托車發動機電腦版寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Tourneo Connect 2007- (9S12,ID4D)* 福特Tourneo Connect 2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Great Wall Florid 長城絢麗寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Great Wall Peri 長城仙女寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Changcheng Jingling 長城精靈寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Changcheng Xuanli 長城絢麗寫啟動
                [+] Key maker FAW Haima3 海馬3寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dodge Neon 1999-(HC08,ID4E) 道奇Neon 1999-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jeep Gr. Cherokee 2005-(9S12,HITAG) 吉普大切諾基2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chang’An CM8 (HC08) 長安CM8寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Seat immobox 6X0953257 西亞特防盜盒寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Maverick -2004(ID60) 福特翼虎-2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Transit Connect (95040,ID4D) 福特Transit 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Fiesta 2009- (9S12,ID4D) 福特嘉年華2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Focus 2002- (95080,160,320,ID4D)* 福特?怂2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dodge Avenge 2007- (24C16)* 道奇Avenge 2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dodge Ram 2007 (24C16)* 道奇公羊2007寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Camry immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)* 豐田凱美瑞防盜盒2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Corolla immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)* 豐田卡羅拉防盜盒2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Highlander immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)* 豐田漢蘭達防盜盒2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Kluger immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)* 豐田Kluger防盜盒2005-寫啟動
                [+]Key maker Toyota Land Cruiser immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)*豐田蘭德酷路澤防盜盒2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Prado immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)* 豐田普拉多防盜盒2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Sienna immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)* 豐田塞納防盜盒2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Surf immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)* 豐田Surf 防盜盒2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Wish immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)* 豐田Wish 防盜盒2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lexus RX330 immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)* 雷克薩斯RX330 防盜盒 2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lexus SC430 immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)* 雷克薩斯SC430防盜盒2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Camry ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)* 豐田凱美瑞發動機電腦板2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Corolla ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)* 豐田卡羅拉發動機電腦板2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Highlander ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)* 豐田漢蘭達發動機電腦板2005寫啟
                [+] Key maker Toyota Kluger ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)* 豐田Kluger發動機電腦板寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Land Cruiser ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)* 豐田蘭德酷路2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Prado ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)* 豐田普拉多發動機電腦板2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Sienna ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)* 豐田塞納發動機電腦板2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Surf ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)* 豐田Surf發動機電腦板2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Wish ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)* 豐田Wish發動機電腦板2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lexus RX330 ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)* 雷克薩斯RX330 2005寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lexus SC430 ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)* 雷克薩斯SC4302005-寫啟動
                [+] Image Generator VW Touareg (HITAG) 生成大眾途銳芯片
                [+] Image Generator VW Phaeton (HITAG) 生成大眾輝騰芯片
                [+] Image Generator Porsche Cayenne (HITAG) 生成保時捷卡宴芯片
                [+] Image generator ID66 生成66芯片
                [+] Megamos 8E: eeprom read/write 讀寫8E芯片
                [+] Searching of the 7th byte by existing car’s key 從大眾工作鑰匙中讀取第7個字節
                [+] Unlock Kia HITAG 2008- 解鎖起亞芯片2008-
                [+] Unlock Hyundai HITAG 2008- 解鎖現代芯片 2008-
                [+] New photos in the help (204MB) 幫助文件升級
                [.] Vehicles Nissan Murano, Altima have been split by BCM PartNo.
                These vehicles can be found in the menu of NATS-6.

                5 November, 2010
                Version 1.63 (hw 1.035)
                [+] Key maker Seat Ibiza MagnetiMarelli (9S12, ID48) 西亞特Ibiza寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Polo MagnetiMarelli (9S12, ID48) 大眾菠蘿寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Fox 2005- MagnetiMarelli (9S12,ID48) 大眾Fox 2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Fox Delphi 2008- (93C56,ID48) 大眾Fox 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Iveco Daily 2007 (95320,ID48)* 依維柯Daily 2007 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Galaxy 1995 gasoline (ID44) 福特Galaxy 1995 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Seat Marbella 1999- (68HC705,ID11) 西亞特Marbella 1999-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Seat Panda 1999- (68HC705,ID11) 西亞特Panda 1999-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daewoo Lanos 2000 (95020,ID13) 大宇藍龍 2000寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Carens 2001-2006 (95P08,HITAG) 起亞佳樂 2001-2006 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler Town & Country 2004-(95080,HITAG)* 克萊斯勒Town 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Spark 2008-(93C56,ID48) 克萊斯勒Spark 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker SsangYong Rexton gasoline (29Fxxx,ID48) 雙龍雷斯特 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Santa Fe 2009-(95320,HITAG) 現代勝達寫啟動
                [+] New photos in the help (180MB) 幫助文件升級
                [+] Megamos48: Write Component Security Tool 48芯片寫7字節

                18 October, 2010
                Version 1.62 (hw 1.034)
                [+] Key maker Ssang Yong Musso 1998- (29Fxxx ID48) 雙龍 Musso 1998-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ssang Yong Korando 1998- (29Fxxx ID48) 雙龍 Korando 1998-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Megane-2 (9S12, HITAG) 雷諾梅甘娜-2 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Alto 2006-(93C56, HITAG) 鈴木奧拓2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki bike ECU 32920-21H50 鈴木摩托車發動機電腦板寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Brilliance Zhonghua Junjie (24C01, HITAG) 中華俊杰寫啟動
                [+] Key maker TagAZ Road Partner (29Fxxx, ID48) TagAZ Road Partner 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Wagon R 1998-2003 (24C01, ID4C) 鈴木Wagon R 1998-2003寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chang’an Ben Ben (95040) 長安奔奔寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Altima 2005- (93C56,HITAG) 尼桑天籟2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Altima 2005- (93C66,HITAG) 尼桑天籟2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Murano 2003- (93C56,HITAG) 尼桑樓蘭2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Murano 2003- (93C66, HITAG) 尼桑樓蘭2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Golf4 dashboard RB8 (24C08, ID48) 大眾高爾夫4 RBB寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Golf4 dashboard MotoMeter 2002- (93C56,ID48) 大眾高爾夫 2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Crafter (9S12, ID48) 大眾Crafter寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Touran (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 大眾途銳寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Touran (24C32, TP23) 大眾途銳寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Caddy (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 大眾開迪寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Caddy (24C32, TP23) 大眾開迪寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Gol (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 大眾高爾寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Gol (24C32, TP23) 大眾高爾寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Golf5 (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 大眾高爾夫5寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Golf5 (24C32, TP23) 大眾高爾夫5寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Tiguan (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 大眾途觀寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Tiguan (24C32, TP23) 大眾途觀寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Jetta (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 大眾捷達寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Jetta (24C32, TP23) 大眾捷達寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi R8 (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 奧迪R8寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi R8 (24C32, TP23) 奧迪R8寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi TT (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 奧迪TT寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi TT (24C32, TP23) 奧迪TT寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi A3 (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 奧迪A3寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi A3 (24C32, TP23) 奧迪A3寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Skoda Octavia (Micronas + 24C32, TP23) 斯柯達明銳寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Skoda Octavia (24C32, TP23) 斯柯達明銳寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota MR2 (93C56, ID4C)* 豐田MR2寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot 4007 2008- (24C16,HITAG) 標志4007 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler Pacifica 2005- (95080, HITAG)* 克萊斯勒太平洋 2005-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Fiesta (77014, ID4C) 福特嘉年華寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Galaxy 2007 (95320, ID60) 福特Galaxy 2007 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki bike ECU Denso 32920-41G50 (93C66, ID4D) 鈴木摩托車發動機電腦板寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Acura MDX 2008-(24C04,HITAG) 謳歌MDX 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota RAV4 (93C66,ID4C)* 豐田RAV4寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Carina 1996-(24C04,ID33)* 豐田凱美瑞1996-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Infiniti Q45 (93C46,ID4C) 英菲尼迪Q45寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler Voyager 2001-(24C02,ID4E) 克萊斯勒 Voyager 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Picnic 1999- (93C66,ID4C)* 豐田Picnic 1999-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker LDV Convoy 2000- (95P04,ID4D) LDV Convoy 2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Gilera GP800 (68HC05) 吉雷拉寫啟動
                [+] Suzuki Grand Vitara, Alto 2005- HITAG Unlocker 鈴木超級維特拉 2005-寫啟動
                [+] New photos in the help (172MB) 幫助文件升級
                [.] Makers for CAS: CAS type autodetect, some changes in algo cas型號鑒別

                14 September, 2010
                Version 1.61 (hw 1.033)
                [+] Honda Civic 2006- HITAG Unlocker 解鎖 本田思域2006-
                [+] Key maker Isuzu Rodeo 1998- (ID48)* 五十鈴1998-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 2004- (ID48) 法拉利612 Scaglietti 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Echo 93C66 ECU* 豐田 Echo 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006- (93C76) 三菱伊柯麗斯2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Galant 2004- (93C76) 三菱戈藍2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Aveo 2009- (93C76 HITAG) 雪弗萊愛唯歐 2009-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Pontiac G3 2009- (93C76 HITAG) 龐蒂亞克 G3 2009-寫啟動
                [+] Copying of ID42 拷貝42芯片
                [+] Image generator ID64 for Subaru 生成斯巴魯62芯片
                [+] Key maker Jeep Commander 2006- (HITAG) 吉普指揮官 2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Grandis 2003- (HITAG) 三菱格藍迪 2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Brilliance BS6 中華BS6寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Maserati Quattroporte 2004… (ID48) 瑪薩拉蒂總裁2004 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Econic 658* 奔馳Econic658 寫啟動
                [.] Fixed bug image generator ID42

                13 August, 2010
                Version 1.60 (hw 1.032)
                [+] Image generator TP22, TP23, TP24, TP25 生成TP22,TP23,TO24.TP25芯片
                [+] Key maker Seat Ibiza 2000- (ID48) 西亞特Ibiza 2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Saab 2003- (HITAG) 薩博 2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker FAW Besturn B50 2009- 奔騰 B50寫啟動
                [+] Key maker FAW Besturn B70 2006- 奔騰B70寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ducati 696* 杜卡迪寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Buick Park Avenue 2002-2008 別克林蔭大道2002-2008寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Buick Rendezvous 2003-2008 別克Rendezvous 2003-2008 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki LX7 2006-* 鈴木LX72006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda Xedos 6 1995- 馬自達 Xedos 6 1995-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda Xedos9 1997- 馬自達Xedos 9 1997-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Micra 2002- 尼,旕Y 2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot 103 bike 標志103摩托車寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Nativa 2008- 三菱 Nativa 2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jeep Liberty 2004- 吉普Liberty 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Jazz 2003- 本田爵士 2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Focus 2007- 福特?怂2007-寫啟動
                [+] New photos in the help (161MB) 幫助文件升級

                15 July, 2010 2010.7.15
                Version 1.59 (hw 1.031)
                [+] New transponder launched Toyota Smart
                [+] Key maker Ducati Monster 400* 杜卡迪monster400寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Opel Monterey (ID4E) 歐寶monterey 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Transit 2004 (95080,95160,95320)* 福特全順2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat 500 (93C86)* 菲亞特500寫啟動
                [+] Key maker KIA Carnival 2000- 起亞嘉華2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker KIA Clarus 1999- 起亞克拉魯斯1999-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dodge Nitro 2007-* 道奇nitro 2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dodge Caliber 2007-* 道奇caliber 2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Denso 32920-14GA0 鈴木摩托車寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Bipper 2007-* 標志bipper寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen Nemo 2007-* 雪鐵龍nemo寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Grande Punto 2005-* 菲亞特 grande punto 2005寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Volvo S40 沃爾沃s40寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Scudo (95040) 菲亞特scudo 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Doblo (95040) 菲亞特doblo寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Expert 1999 標志expert 1999寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daewoo Lanos 1997- (68HC05) 大宇lanos1997-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chery Eastar 奇瑞東方之子寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Ranger 2001- 福特ranger 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Toyota Solara (93C56 ECU)* 豐田solara 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford F-100 2000-2005 福特F-100 2000-2005寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daihatsu Terios 2006-* 大發 terios 2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daihatsu YRV 2002-* 大發YRV 2002-寫啟動

                17 June, 2010 2010.6.17
                Version 1.58 (hw 1.030)
                [+] Key maker Toyota Rush* 豐田rush寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Corolla 25020 ECU* 豐田卡羅拉 25020ecu寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Passo* 豐田passo寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen Berlingo 2000-2002 雪鐵龍berlingo 2000-2002寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen Xsara 2000-2002 雪鐵龍塞納2000-2002寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Partner 2000-2002 標志partner2000-2002寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lincoln LS 2000- 林肯LS2000-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Denso 32920-02H00 鈴木摩托車寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Megane 1996-1999 雷諾梅甘娜 1996-1999寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daewoo Kalos 2002 大宇卡洛斯2002寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daewoo Lacetti 2002 大宇藍賽迪2002寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daewoo Leganza 1997 大宇leganza 1997寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daewoo Leganza 2000 大宇leganza 2000寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daewoo Matiz 2001 大宇馬蒂茲 2001寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daewoo Nubira 2000 大宇旅行家2000寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Transit (BSI 9S12) * 福特全順寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Skoda Octavia 1997-2000 斯柯達明銳 1997-2000寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler Pacifica 2004 (95040)* 克萊斯勒pacifica 2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler Voyager 2004 (95040)* 克萊斯勒voyager2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dodge Caravan 2004 (95040)* 道奇 caravan 2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda Tribute (95040) 馬自達tribute寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lancia Ypsilon 1997 (68HC705E6) 藍旗亞ypsilon1997寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Land Rover Freelander (25320)* 路虎神行者寫啟動 (25320)
                [+] New photos in the help (136MB) 幫助文件升級
                [.] Changed hardware updating 硬件升級

                26 May, 2010 2010.5.26
                Version 1.57 (hw 1.029)
                [+] Launched new transponder 8C 讀8c
                [+] Image generator Mercedes G-Class 1996-99 生成奔馳G級 芯片 1996-1999
                [+] Image generator Mercedes C-, E- Class 1996-99 生成奔馳c e級芯片 1996-1999
                [+] Key maker Aston Martin DB9 2004- 阿斯頓馬丁 DB92004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Bentley Arnage 1998- 本特利arnage 1998-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker BMW Bikes (HITAG)* 寶馬摩托車寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Cobalt 2004-* 雪佛蘭 cobalt 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Caprice 2006-* 雪佛蘭 caprice2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler Sebring 2001… (HC08) 克萊斯勒sebring 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dodge Stratus 2001- 道奇strtus 2001-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Linea 2007-* 菲亞特linea2007-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford C-Max 2003-09* 福特c-max 2003-2009寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Probe (MC86HC05) 福特probe 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Puma 1997-2001 福特puma1997-2001寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Denso 21175-0046 川崎摩托車寫啟動 danso發動機電腦21175-0046
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Denso 21175-0053 川崎摩托車寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Denso 21175-0098
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Denso 21175-0097
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Denso 21175-0109
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Denso 21175-0170
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Denso 21175-0173
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Denso 21175-0220
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Denso 21175-0227
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Mitsubishi 21175-0017
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Mitsubishi 21175-0079
                [+] Key maker Kawasaki Mitsubishi 21175-0158
                [+] Key maker Lancia Kappa 1995-2001 藍旗亞 kappa1995-2001寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lincoln Navigator 1997-2000 林肯航海家1997-2000寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lincoln Navigator 2000-2002 林肯航海家 2000-2001 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Porsche 911 1996-1999 ID13 保時捷911 1996-1999寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Porsche Boxter 1996-1999 ID13 保時捷博克斯特 1996-1999寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Scania R470, R280 etc 斯堪尼亞 R470 R180寫啟動
                [+] New photos in maker help 幫助文件升級
                [.] Hardware update V1.029 硬件升級
                [.] Hardware update V1.029

                24 April, 2010 2010.4.24
                Version 1.56 (hw 1.028)
                [+] Key maker Audi A4 1998 UKNSI 奧迪a4 1998寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Focus 2008…* 福特?怂2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Mondeo 2008…* 福特蒙迪歐2008-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Alto 2002- 鈴木奧拓2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki (ECU Keihin 32920-05H00) 鈴木ecu寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Iveco Stralis 2002-* 依維柯 strlis2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Cadillac Catera 1997-1999* 凱迪拉克 catera1997-1999寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen Xantia 1998-1999 雪鐵龍xantina 1998-1999寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ducati Sporttouring ST3* 杜卡迪 sporttouring st3寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai H1 現代H1寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler Voyager 2004… 克萊斯勒 voyager 2004-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker KESSY (HITAG)* Bentley, Audi, VW, Porsche 本特利q7 途銳 保時捷 kessy 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker EZS (Megamos 8E)* A6L ezs寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Colt 2004- 三菱colt 2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Fiesta2003- 93C56 福特嘉年華2003-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jaguar S-Type 捷豹S-trpe寫啟動
                [+] Megamos8E: detect transponder status, write cryptokey 鑒別8e 寫加密鈅
                [+] New pictures in maker help 新幫助文件
                [.] Changed menu Keymaker 修改目錄界面

                19 March, 2010 2010.3.19
                Version 1.55 (hw 1.027)
                [+] Key maker Aprilia Dorsoduro Aprilia 摩托車寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Aprilia Shiver Aprilia Shiver 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Jimny 2002- 鈴木吉姆尼2002-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi L200 三菱L200寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Ka 1999 福特Ka 1999寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jaguar XJ 捷豹XJ 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda 626 (Temic) 馬自達626(temic)寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW Gol 大眾高爾寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chery Tiggo 奇瑞瑞虎寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Iveco Daily 2007 依維柯Daily2007寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Boxer 2006 標志Boxer 2006寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen Jumper 2006 凱旋艦嘉2006 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen Relay 2006 凱旋Relay2006寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Ducato 2006 菲亞特Ducato 2006寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Punto 2007 菲亞特 Punto 2007寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Stilo 2007 菲亞特短劍 2007 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lancia Ypsilon 2007 藍旗亞 Ypsilon2007寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Transit 95P04 福特全順95P04寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Fiesta 95P04 福特嘉年華95P04寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Fiesta 93C86 福特嘉年華 93C86寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Fusion 93C86 福特蒙迪歐93C86寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Mondeo 95P04 福特蒙迪歐 95P04寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Focus 95P04 福特?怂 95P04寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Ignis 2000- 鈴木 Ignis 2000- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki (ECU Keihin 32920-15GA0) 鈴木(發動機電腦板 Keihin 32920-15GA0)寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Sizuki (ECU Mitsubishi 37146-42F00) 鈴木(發動機電腦板 三菱 37146-42F00)寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Elantra 95040 現代伊蘭特 95040寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Elantra 95160 現代伊蘭特 95160寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Era 95040 現代Era 95040 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Era 95160現 現代 Era 95160 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Getz 95040 現代 Getz 95040寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Getz 95160 現代 Getz 95160寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Sonata 95040 現代索納塔95040寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Sonata 95160 現代索納塔 95160寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Accent 95040 現代雅紳特 95040寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Accent 95160 現代雅紳特 95160寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Alfa Romeo 147 ID48 阿爾法羅密歐147 ID48寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Alfa Romeo 159 ID48 阿爾法羅密歐 159 ID48寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Alfa Romeo GT ID48 阿爾法羅密歐 GT ID48寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Logan 2003 雷諾 Logan 2003寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chery A1 Kimo S12 奇瑞 A1 Kimo S12寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Cadillac SRX 95040 凱迪拉克 SRX 95040寫啟動
                [+] Toyota Yaris 2001 95P08 豐田雅力士 2001 95P08寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Accord 2002 本田雅閣2002寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Fit 2002 本田飛度2002寫啟動
                [.] Changed maker Mercedes by masksets. Full automatic.
                [+] New pictures in maker help 新幫助文件

                18 February, 2010 2010.2.18
                Version 1.54 (hw 1.027)
                [+] Key maker SsangYong Actyon (diesel) 雙龍愛騰寫啟動
                [+] Key maker SsangYong Kyron (diesel) 雙龍享御 寫啟動
                [+] Image generator ID40 Samand 生成samada40芯片
                [+] Key maker Samand Samand 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Aprilia Mana 阿普利亞寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Aprilia SR50 阿普利亞SR50寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Gilera Runner 125 吉雷拉 Runner 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Gilera Fuoco 500 吉雷拉 Fuoco 500 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Gilera Nexus 125 吉雷拉Nexus 125 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Gilera Nexus 350 吉雷拉Nexus 350 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Gilera Nexus 500 吉雷拉Nexus 500 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ducati 748 杜卡迪 748 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ducati 749 杜卡迪749寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ducati 848 杜卡迪848 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ducati 999 杜卡迪999寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ducati 1098 杜卡迪 1098寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ducati 1198 杜卡迪1198寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ducati 1000 杜卡迪1000寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Saipa Saba Saipa Saba 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Cadillac Escalade 2006… 凱迪拉克凱雷德2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Cadillac DTC 2006… 凱迪拉克DTC 2006寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Shuma (ID48) 起亞速邁寫啟動
                [+] New pictures in the maker help 新幫助文件

                4 February, 2010 2010.2.4
                Version 1.53 (hw 1.027)
                [+] Key maker Suzuki bike ECU Denso 37H00 鈴木摩托車發動機電腦板寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki bike ECU Denso 38H00 鈴木摩托車發動機電腦板寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda CRV 1999-2006 本田CRV 1999-2006寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Livina 2006- 尼桑驪威2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Pajero IV 2006- 三菱帕杰羅IV2006-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Sunny 2006-2010 Korea 尼桑陽光2006-2010 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi A6 VDO 2001-2004 (crypto) 奧迪A6 VDO 2001-2004 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lexus GS300 1998-2004 雷克薩斯GS300 1998-2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chery QQ 奇瑞QQ寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Palio 2002… ID48 菲亞特派力奧 2002寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi immobox 8D0953234 奧迪防盜盒寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Tacuma 克萊斯勒太平洋寫啟動
                [+] New photos in maker help 新幫助文件
                [+] Hardware update v1.027

                7 Januar, 2010 2010.1.7
                Version 1.52 (hw 1.026)
                [+] Key maker Ford Mustang 1997-2004 福特野馬1997-2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chery Fora 奇瑞Fora寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chery Elara 奇瑞Elara寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chery A5 奇瑞A5寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Cadillac SRX 2004… 凱迪拉克SRX2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Epica 2005-2009 雪弗蘭景程2005-2009寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki bike ECU Denso v1 鈴木摩托車發動器電腦板Denso v1 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Outlander 2006… 三菱歐蘭德2006寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Lancer 2008… 三菱藍瑟2008寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot 206 1998-2001 標志206 1998-2001寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot 206 cabrio 2000-2002 標志206 cabrio 2000-2002寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Evanda 2003-2006 雪弗蘭 Evanda 2003-2006寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Volvo FL250 沃爾沃 FL250 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Albea ID48 菲亞特 Albea 48芯片寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Pontiac G3 龐蒂亞克G3 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Hiace 豐田海獅寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen Jumper 1996 雪鐵龍Jumper 1996 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lexus IS200 凌志 IS200 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Taurus 1996 福特金牛星1996 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Expedition 1997 福特探險者(Expedition)1997寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda 5 2005 馬自達5 1997寫啟動
                [+] Image generator ID45 生成45芯片
                [+] Image generator ID40 Chery 生成奇瑞40芯片
                [.] Fixed bug writing PCF7931 (contact with us for instructions)

                1 December, 2009 2009.12.1
                Version 1.51 (hw 1.025)
                [+] Image generator ID40 Opel 生成歐寶40芯片
                [+] Key maker Kia Rio 2001-2005 起亞銳歐2001-2005寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi immobox 4B0953234 (ID48) 奧迪防盜盒寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jeep Gr. Cherokee 1999- 24C02 ID4E 吉普大切諾基1999-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jeep Gr. Cherokee 1999- Motorola ID4E 吉普大切諾基1999-寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Jaguar X-Type 捷豹X-TYPE寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dodge Ram 2002-2005 道奇公羊 2002-2005寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Ka 1996-2001 福特KA 1996-2001寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Iveco Daily 1996 依維柯Daily1996寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Yamaha immobox Moric 雅馬哈防盜盒寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Yamaha ECU Mitsuba 雅馬哈發動機電腦板寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Burgman 鈴木 Burgman 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Seicento Magneti Marelli ID48 菲亞特 Seicento 48寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Seicento Magneti Marelli ID11 菲亞特Seicento 11寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Bravo HC908 ID11 菲亞特Bravo 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Brava HC05 ID11 菲亞特Bravo寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Bravo HC05 ID11 菲亞特Bravo寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Brava 93C46 菲亞特Bravo寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Multipla ID48 菲亞特Multipla寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Idea ID48 菲亞特Idea 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Marea 93C46 菲亞特Marea 93C46 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Marea HC05 ID11 菲亞特Marea 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Marea HC908 ID11 菲亞特Marea 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Marengo 菲亞特Marengo 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Panda 菲亞特Panda 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Barchetta 菲亞特Barchetta寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Tempra 菲亞特 Tempra寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Siena 菲亞特Siena寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lancia Delta 藍旗亞 Delta 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lancia Dedra 93C46 藍旗亞 Delta 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lancia Dedra HC05 ID11 藍旗亞 Delta 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lancia Dedra HC908 ID11 藍旗亞 Delta 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lancia Lybra 藍旗亞Lybra 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lancia Y HC05 藍旗亞Y HC05 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Lancia Y HC908 藍旗亞Y HC908 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Maserati GT HC05 瑪薩拉蒂GT寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Maserati GT HC908 瑪薩拉蒂GT寫啟動
                [+] New photos in the maker help 新幫助文件
                [.] Image generator ID 33 splitted into Nissan, Opel, VW, Mazda 生成33芯片
                07 November, 2009 2009.11.7
                Version 1.50 (hw 1.025)
                [+] Added transponder TIRIS DST 4E 增加 TIRIS DST 4E芯片
                [+] Launched transponder MEGAMOS CRYPTO-2 ( ID8E ) 讀ID8E)玻璃芯片
                [+] Key maker Renault Megane 2000-2003 (ID60) 雷諾梅甘娜 2000-2003 (ID60)寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Stilo 2000-2005 Delphi 菲亞特 stilo2000-2005寫啟動

                [+]keymaker fitaMagneti Marelli Stilo2000-2005 菲亞特馬涅蒂·馬瑞利寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Punto 1999-2005 Magneti Marelli 菲亞特Punto1999-2005 Magneti Marelli
                [+] Key maker Fiat Doblo 2000-2005 Delphi 菲亞特多寶2000-2005 Delphi寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Doblo 2000-2005 Magneti Marelli 菲亞特多寶2000-2005Magneti Marelli寫啟動

                Version 1.49 (hw 1.024)
                [+] Megamos13: bitstream calculator
                [+] File convertor tms > bin
                [+] Key maker Citroen Xsara 1998-2001 雪鐵龍塞納1998-2001 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen Jumpy 雪鐵龍 Jumpy 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen Berlingo 1998 雪鐵龍 Berlingo 1998寫啟動

                [+] Key maker Opel VectraC HITAG 歐寶威達HITAG 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Opel AstraH HITAG 歐寶雅特HITAG 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Opel Zafira HITAG 歐寶賽飛利HITAG寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot 106 1997 標志106 1997寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daihatsu Sirion 1998 大發sirion 1998寫啟動
                [+] Key maker MAN TGA trucks MAN TGA卡車寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler 300C 2008… 克萊斯勒300C 2008 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Volvo FH12 (ID44) 沃爾沃FH12(ID44)
                [+] Key maker Renault Espace-IV 雷諾太空-IV 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Vel Satis 諾威賽帝寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Note 尼桑NOTE 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Outlander HITAG 三菱歐藍德HITAG寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Lancer HITAG 三菱藍瑟寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot 306 Siemens 標志306 Siemens寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Expert 1996-2004 標志Expert 1996-2004寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Mondeo 2001 福特蒙迪歐2001 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda 626 Lucas 馬自達626 Lucas 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Kia Sportage 2001 (ID60) 起亞獅跑 2001(ID60)寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Punto Delphi (ID48) 菲亞特Punto Delphi (ID48)寫啟動
                [+] New photos in maker help
                [+] Hardware update v1.24 硬件更新V1.24
                [.] Changed key makers Renault Symbol, Twingo, Laguna,
                Dachia Logan

                17 September, 2009 2009.9.17
                Version 1.48 (hw 1.023)
                [!] Added transponder SAAB
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Axor 奔馳梅塞德思寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Civic 2006 本田思域2006寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi A6 VDO 1997 93C66 奧迪A6 VDO 1997 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi A6 VDO 1998… 93C66 奧迪A6 VDO 1998 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi A6 Magneti Marelli 奧迪A6寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi A4 Magneti Marelli 奧迪A4寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi A3 Magneti Marelli 奧迪A3寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi TT Magneti Marelli 奧迪TT寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Saab 9-3 1999-2003 薩博9-3 1999-2003 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Saab 9-5 1999-2003 薩博9-5 1999-2003寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Opel Corsa 2001-2005 歐寶Corsa 2001-2005寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Opel Combo 2001-2005 歐寶Combo 2001-2005寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Opel Astra H 2004-2006 歐寶雅特H 2004-2006 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Opel Vectra C 2002-2004 歐寶威達C 2002-2004 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Opel Meriva 2002-2004 歐寶 Meriva 2002-2004 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Swift 1996-2004 93C66 ID4C 鈴木雨燕1996-2004 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Baleno 1996 ID4C 鈴木Baleno 1996寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Interstar 2002 尼桑 Interstar 2002寫啟動
                [+] Hardware update v1.23
                [+] New photos in the maker help 新幫助文件

                21 August, 2009 2009.8.21
                Version 1.47 (hw 1.022)
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Grandis 2006… 三菱格藍迪2006 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Escape 2005… 福特翼虎2005 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi A2 VDO 1999-2001 奧迪A2 VDO 1000-2001 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi A3 VDO 1999-2001 奧迪A3 VDO 1000-2001 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi A4 VDO 1999-2001 奧迪A4 VDO 1000-2001 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi A6 VDO 1998-2001 奧迪A6 VDO 1000-2001 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Audi A8 VDO 1999-2001 奧迪A8 VDO 1000-2001 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Magnum 2000-2003 雷諾Magnum 2000-2003寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Magnum 2004-2008 雷諾Magnum 2004-2008寫啟動
                [+] Calculator for Renault: Keycode to PINcode (infrared keyfob)
                [+] Crypto calculator for PCF7935 (SECT)
                [.] Fixed bug EWS->Repair key
                [+] New main help (PCF7935 SECT addendum)
                [+] Hardware update v1.22
                5 August, 2009 2009.8.5
                Version 1.46 (hw 1.021)
                [!] New transponder TK5551M (T5 replacement)
                [.] Improved T5 operations
                [+] New feature “password”, follow Menu->Settings…
                [+] Key maker Fiat Ducato 2001… 菲亞特 Ducato 2001 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Seicento 2000… 菲亞特Seicento 2000寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Citroen Jumper 1999… 雪鐵龍Citroen 1999 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Symbol Siemens v1 雷諾Symbol 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dacia Logan Siemens v1 達西亞Logan Siemens 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Alfa Romeo 166 1998 阿爾法羅密歐166 1998寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Cadillac Escalade 凱迪拉克凱雷德寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Tahoe 克萊斯勒Tahoe 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Suburban 雪弗萊Suburban 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet TrailBlazer 雪弗萊TrailBlazer 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker GMC Envoy GMC Envoy寫啟動
                [+] Key maker GMC Sierra GMC Sierra 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker GMC Yukon GMC Yukon 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker GMC Denali GMC Denali 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Oldsmobile Bravada 奧爾茲莫比爾 Bravada 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Isuzu Ascender 五十鈴Ascender 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Grand Vitara 鈴木超級維特拉 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Suzuki Alto 鈴木奧拓寫啟動
                [+] Image generator ID46 (Mitsubishi) 生成三菱46芯片
                [+] Hardware update v1.21
                16 July, 2009 2009.7.16
                Version 1.45 (hw 1.020)
                [!] Exclusive new feature: Megamos-48 crypto calculation 獨家新功能: 48加密計算
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Captiva 雪佛蘭科帕奇寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Opel Antara 歐寶安德拉寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda-6 2009… 馬自達6 2009寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Alfa Romeo 155 阿爾法羅密歐155 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Alfa Romeo 164 阿爾法羅密歐164 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Alfa Romeo GTV 阿爾法羅密歐GTV 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Alfa Romeo Spider 阿爾法羅密歐Spider 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Avensis 4D 豐田Avensis 4D 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Laguna-II (eeprom 95160) v2 雷諾拉古娜-II(eeprom 95160)v2
                [+] Hardware update v1.20 硬件更新V1.20
                [+] New pictures for maker help 幫助文件升級
                [+] New main help (Megamos-48 addendum附錄)

                4 July, 2009 2009.7.4
                Version 1.44 (hw 1.019)

                [+] Key maker Renault Clio-2 雷諾克萊奧-2 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Laguna-II (eeprom 95160) v1 雷諾拉古娜-II(eeprom95160)v1
                [+] Key maker Renault Twingo 1995…1998 雷諾Twingo1995-1998寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Twingo 2002… Siemens 雷諾Twingo2002-西門子 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Espace-III Valeo 雷諾太空-III 法雷奧 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Avantime Valeo 雷諾Avantime 法雷奧 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Trafic 1998 雷諾塔菲克1998 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Thalia 雷諾塔利亞 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Symbol Siemens v2 雷諾象征 西門子v2 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Midlum 2002… 雷諾米德倫2002- 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dacia Super Nova 達契亞超級星 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dacia Solenza 達契亞Solenza寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Dacia Logan Siemens v.2 達契亞Logan 西門子V.2
                [+] Key maker Ford Fiesta 福特嘉年華寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Piaggio immobox 比亞喬 防盜盒 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Piaggio ECU 比亞喬 發動機電腦板 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda CX7 V2 馬自達CX7 V2 寫啟動
                [+] New pictures in the maker help
                23 June, 2009 2009.6.23
                Version 1.43 (hw 1.019)
                [+] Key maker Lexus ES300 雷克薩斯ES300寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler 300C 克萊斯勒300C 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Land Rover 2003 路虎2003寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda CX-7 馬自達CX-7寫啟動
                [+] Launched button “Copy machine”. Supported copying of
                ID11, ID12, ID13, ID33, ID41
                [+] Added pictures in the maker help file
                [+] Hardware update v1.19
                [.] Fixed some bugs in Ford Focus, Honda motorcycles

                27 May, 2009 2009.5.27
                Version 1.42 (hw 1.018)
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Lantra 93C66 現代Lantra 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Corolla 95080 BOSCH 豐田卡羅拉寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Boxer 2002 標志Boxer2002 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Range Rover Sport 路虎攬勝運動寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Range Rover Vogue 路虎攬勝時尚寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Range Rover Supercharged 路虎Supercharged 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Modus 2004… 雷諾Modus 2004 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Kangoo 2008… 雷諾 Kangoo 2008寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot 306 1997 雷諾306 1997 寫啟動
                [+] Added pictures in the maker help file

                15 May, 2009 2009.5.15
                Version 1.41 (hw 1.018)
                [+] Key maker Subaru Forester 2009 斯巴魯森林人寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Civic 1995 本田思域 1995 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Escort 1995…98 福特福睿斯 1995 寫啟動
                [+] Added pictures in the maker help file 添加新幫助文件

                6 May, 2009 2009.5.6
                Version 1.40 (hw 1.018)
                [+] Key maker Renault Clio-3 (2005…2009) 雷諾Clio-3 2005-2009 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daewoo Matiz 1998 大宇 Matiz1998 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daihatsu Terior 1997 大發Terior 1997 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker DAF 2002…2008 達夫2002-2008寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Grandis 三菱格藍迪寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Yaris 2003 豐田雅力士2003 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker for BMW CAS can unlock and write locked with 寶馬CAS解鎖寫啟動
                unknown password transponders PCF7943 & PCF7944
                [+] Added pictures in the maker help file 添加新幫助文件
                [+] Hardware update, v1.18

                15, April 2009 2009.4.15
                Version 1.39 (hw 1.017)
                [+] Key maker Subaru Impreza 1996-1998 斯巴魯翼豹1996-1998寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Transit 2003 福特Transit 2003 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Carisma 2000… 三菱Carisma 2000 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Subaru Legacy 1996-1998 斯巴魯力獅 1996-1998
                [+] Key maker Subaru Outback 1996-1998 斯巴魯 傲虎1996-1998
                [+] Key maker Alfa Romeo 156 阿爾法.羅密歐156 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Space Star 1999 三菱Space Star 1999 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2007…2009 三菱帕杰羅2007-2009 寫啟動
                [+] Added pictures in the maker help file
                [+] Hardware update v1.17
                6, April 2009 2009.4.6
                Version 1.38 (hw 1.016)
                [+] Key maker Ford Explorer LTD 2007 福特探險者LTD2007寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Range Rover 2006 路虎攬勝2006寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Land Rover 2006 路虎2006寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Subaru Legacy 2005… 斯巴魯力獅 2005 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Subaru Tribeca 2005… 斯巴魯獅鵬 2005 寫啟動
                23, March 2009 2009.3.23
                Version 1.37 (hw 1.016)
                [+] Key maker Iveco Daily 1999… 依維柯 Daily 1999 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Premium 2007… 雷諾 Premium 2007 寫啟動
                [+] Image generators:
                ID33,ID41,ID44 (VAG),ID46 (Peugeot 307),ID60,ID61,
                [+] Interface Tiris DST added new button
                [+] Unlock Chrysler HITAG key
                [+] Updated help maker.chm
                [+] Launched Tango forum
                12, March 2009 2009.3.12
                Version 1.36 (hw 1.016)
                [+] Launched help
                [+] Key maker Mazda CX-9 2008 (ID4D) 馬自達CX-9 2008寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Focus 1998…2005 福特?怂1998-2005
                [+] Key maker Ford Focus 2004…2009 福特?怂2004-2009
                [+] Key maker Ford Transit 2000… 福特Transit 2000 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Taurus 2000…2003 福特Taurus 2000-2003寫啟動
                [+] Calculator VIN to PIN for Hyundai & KIA
                [+] Hardware update 1.16
                27, February 2009 2009.2.27
                Version 1.35 (hw 1.015)
                [.] Improved hex-editor in PCF7930-35, EML (copy, paste, mouse sel.)
                [.] Fixed some bugs in PCF7935 shadow memory operating
                [.] Changed operating of ID11, ID12, ID13
                [!] Transponder name Tiris 4D replaced on Tiris DST
                [.] Menu item BMW->EWS Key Viewer replased on BMW->Key Viewer,
                this item now supports all EWS and all CAS
                [+] Autodetect ID60, 61, 62, 63, 65
                [+] Autodetect of
                TP22 Abritus
                TP23 Abritus
                TP24 Abritus
                TP25 Abritus
                [+] Key maker Mazda 6 24C02 (ID4D) 馬自達6 24C02 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda 6 93C56v.1 (ID4D) 馬自達6 93C56v.1寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda 6 93C56v.2 (ID4D) 馬自達693C56v.2 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda 6 93C66 (ID4D) 馬自達 93C66寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda 3 (ID4D) 馬自達3寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda RX-8 (ID4D) 馬自達RX-8寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan NATS-5 (ID4D) 尼桑 NATS -5 寫啟動
                11, February 2009 2009.2.11
                Version 1.34 (hw 1.014)
                [+] Added transponder ID4D (Tiris DST crypto)
                [+] Transponder autodetect ID4D
                [+] Megamos48 unlocking old transponders (without PIN) 解鎖48芯片
                [+] Key maker Opel Vivaro (Hitag2) 歐寶Vivaro寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Opel Movano (Hitag2) 歐寶Movano 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Master 2002… 雷諾Master 2002寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Kangoo 2002… 雷諾Kangoo 2002 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Twingo 2002… 雷諾Twingo 2002寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Trafic 2002… 雷諾 Trafic 2002寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Premium 2001 雷諾Premium2001
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Elystar 標志愛麗舍寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot JetForce 標志JetForce 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Duet 豐田 Duet 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daihatsu Storia 大發Storia 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai H200 現代H200寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Lantra 現代 Lantra 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Space Runner 三菱 Space Runner寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Nissan Almera Classic (Johnson Controls) 尼桑阿美拉寫啟動
                16, January 2009 2009.1.16
                Version 1.33 (hw 1.013)
                [+] Key maker BMW CAS1 remote 寶馬CAS1 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker BMW CAS2 remote 寶馬CAS2寫啟動
                [+] Key maker BMW CAS3 remote 寶馬CAS3寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mazda-323 1995 馬自達323 1995寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Probe 福特Probe寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chrysler Crossfire 2005-2007 克萊斯勒Crossfire 2005-2007 寫啟動
                [+] Added transponder autodetect. Currently detects:
                PCF 7930 (ID33, ID73)
                PCF 7935 (ID33, ID73, ID40, ID41, ID42, ID44)
                PCF 7936-7952 (ID46)
                Megamos-13 (ID13)
                Megamos-48 (ID48)
                Temic-11 (ID11)
                Temic-12 (ID12)
                TP22 Silca
                TP23 Silca
                TP24 Silca
                TP25 Silca
                TA2 Abritus
                TA3 Abritus
                TA4 Abritus
                TA5 Abritus
                Nissan NATS4 – ID41
                Opel – ID40
                Volvo – ID44
                [+] Hardware update, v1.013
                28, December 2008 2008.12.28
                Version 1.32 (hw 1.012)
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Carisma 三菱 Carisma 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Galant 三菱Galant 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Lancer 三菱Lancer 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Magna 三菱Magna 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mitsubishi Pagero 三菱Pagero 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda CR-V 本田CRV寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Shuttle 本田 Shuttle 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda motorcycles (All models) 本田摩托車寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Alfa Romeo 146 阿爾法羅密歐146寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Crown Majesta (ID4C) 豐田皇冠寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Carina (ID4C) 豐田 Carina寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Transit 1995 (ID4C) 福特Transit1995寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Scorpio 福特Scorpio 學啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Courier 福特Courier 寫啟動
                19, December 2008 2008.12.19
                Version 1.31 (hw 1.012)
                [+] Key maker Lincoln Town Car 1999 林肯城市1999寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Cougar 1999 福特 Cougar 1999寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Expedition 2001 福特征服者2001 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Mondeo 1995 福特蒙迪歐 1995 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Explorer 1998 Motorola-based 福特探險者1998 Motorola-based寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Explorer 1998 TMS-based 福特探險者1998 TMS-based 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daihatsu Cuore (ID4C) 大發Cuore 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daihatsu Move (ID4C) 大發Move 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Accent 1996 現代雅紳特1996 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Hyundai Atos 1996 現代 Atos 1996 寫啟動
                17, December 2008 2008.12.17
                Version 1.30 (hw 1.012)
                [+] Key maker Toyota Avalon ECU-93C56 (ID4C) 豐田Avalon 93C56 發動機電腦板寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Avalon ECU-Motorola (ID4C) 豐田Avalon 發動機電腦板寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Avensis immobox-Motorola (ID4C) 豐田Avensis 防盜盒寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Avensis ECU-93C56 (ID4C) 豐田Avensis 發動機電腦板寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Camry ECU-93C56 v.1 (ID4C) 豐田凱美瑞發動機電腦板93C56寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Camry ECU-93C56 v.2 (ID4C) 豐田凱美瑞發動機電腦板93C56寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Camry ECU-93C86 (ID4C) 豐田凱美瑞發動機電腦板93C86寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Camry ECU-Motorola (ID4C) 豐田凱美瑞發動機電腦板寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Camry immobox-93C66 (ID4C) 豐田凱美瑞防盜盒93C66寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Celica ECU-24C04 (ID33) 豐田賽利卡發動機電腦板寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Corolla immobox-93C66 (ID4C) 豐田卡羅拉防盜盒寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Corolla ECU-93C56 (ID4C) 豐田發動機電腦板93C56 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Corolla ECU-24C02 (ID4C) 豐田發動機電腦板24C02寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Echo ECU-25040 (ID4C) 豐田Echo發動機電腦板25040寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Estima ECU-24C04 (ID33) 豐田大霸王發動機電腦板24C04 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Land Cruiser immobox-93C66 (ID4C) 豐田蘭德酷路澤防盜盒寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Land Cruiser ECU-93C56 (ID4C) 豐田蘭德酷路澤發動機電腦板寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Lexus RX300 (ID4C) 雷克薩斯RX300寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Paseo ECU-24C04 (ID33) 豐田Paseo 發動機電腦板24C04寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Previa ECU-24C04 (ID33) 豐田普瑞維亞發動機電腦板24C04寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Prius immobox-93C66 (ID4C) 豐田普銳斯防盜盒寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota RAV4 (ID4C) 豐田RAV4寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Starlet ECU-24C04 (ID33) 豐田 Starlet發動機電腦板 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Yaris 2001 (ID4C) 豐田雅力士2001寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Toyota Yaris 2002 (ID4C) 豐田雅力士2002寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Opel Monterey 1996…99 歐寶Monterey1996 99寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Chevrolet Aveo 雪弗萊愛唯歐寫啟動

                10, December 2008 2008.12.10
                Version 1.29 (hw 1.012)
                [+] Key maker Opel Frontera 1999… 歐寶 Frontera 1999寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Ford Galaxy 1995…1998 福特Galaxy 1995-1998寫啟動
                [+] Hardware update, v1.012
                [.] Improved operating distance on Megamos-48
                4, December 2008 2008.12.4
                Version 1.28 (hw 1.011)
                [+] Key maker Nissan Almera Classic (Samsung) 尼桑阿美拉寫啟動
                [+] Hardware update, v1.011
                [.] Fixed some bugs & visualised write-read operations in Megamos-48
                29, November 2008 2008.11.29
                Version 1.27 (hw 1.010)
                [+] Biphase mode for PCF7936
                [+] Biphase mode for PCF7941
                [+] Biphase mode for PCF7942-44
                [+] Biphase mode for PCF7943
                [+] Biphase mode for PCF7945
                [+] Biphase mode for PCF7947
                [+] Biphase mode for PCF7952
                [+] Autodetect manchester / biphase
                [!] Launched VAG Commander – Tango:
                Bentley Continental -2007
                Bentley Continental 2007+
                Porsche Cayenne -2007
                Porsche Cayenne 2007+
                VW Touareg -08/2007
                VW Touareg 08/2007+
                VW Phaeton -2007
                VW Phaeton 2007+
                Audi A8 2002+
                Audi A8 2007+
                [+] Hardware update, v1.010
                18, November 2008 2008.11.18
                Version 1.26 (hw 1.009)
                [!] Launched VAG Commander – Tango integrated couple
                on Audi A4 2006/2007 dashboard RB8
                [+] Key maker VW LT 大眾LT寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Mascott 雷諾Mascott 寫啟動
                [.] PCF 7936: added visualisation of quick operations
                15, November 2008 2008.11.15
                Version 1.25 (hw 1.009)
                [+] Key maker Audi immobox 4A0 953 234 奧迪防盜盒寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Alfa Romeo 145 阿爾法羅密歐 145 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot 306 1999 標志306 1999寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot 406 1997 標志406 1997 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Boxer 標志 Boxer 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Partner 標志 Partner 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Spedfight 2 標志Spedfight 2寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Peugeot Squab 標志Squab 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Volvo 940 沃爾沃940寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Opel Frontera 歐寶 Frontera 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daewoo Nexia 大發Nexia 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Daewoo Espero 大發Espero 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Brava 菲亞特Brava 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Bravo eeprom based 菲亞特Bravo eeprom 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Bravo processor based 菲亞特Bravo processor寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Cinquecento 菲亞特Cinquecento 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Ducato 菲亞特 Ducato 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Palio 菲亞特派力奧 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Punto 菲亞特 Punto 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Fiat Scudo 菲亞特Scudo 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Kangoo 雷諾Kangoo 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Master 雷諾 Master 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Clio 雷諾Clio 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Renault Laguna 1998 雷諾拉古娜1998 寫啟動
                [.] Fixed some bugs PCF7942-52

                10, November 2008 2008.11.10
                Version 1.24 (hw 1.009)
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Actros (all Actros trucks) 奔馳Actros 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Atego (all Atego trucks) 奔馳Atego 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Vito ( all Vito cars) 奔馳Vito 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Sprinter ( all Sprinter cars) 奔馳Sprinter寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW immobox 6X0953257 大眾防盜盒6X0953257 寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW immobox Motorola based 大眾防盜盒Motorola based寫啟動
                [+] Key maker VW immobox TMS based 大眾TMS防盜盒寫啟動
                [+] Hardware update, v1.9
                [.] Fixed bug Megamos 13

                5, November 2008 2008.11.5
                Version 1.23 (hw 1.008)
                [+] Added Megamos 13 writing to T5
                [+] Added Temic 11 writing to T5
                [+] Added Temic 12 writing to T5
                [+] Added PCF7941
                [+] Added PCF7943
                [+] Added PCF7945
                [+] Added PCF7947
                [+] Added PCF7952
                [+] Hardware update, v1.8
                [.] Auto switching between PCF7936 … PCF7952 windows if
                invalid type detected.
                29, October 2008 2008.10.29
                Version 1.22 (hw 1.007)
                [+] Added PCF7946 (transponder, remote)
                [+] Hardware update, v1.7

                20, October 2008 2008.10.20
                Version 1.21 (hw 1.006)
                [+] Key maker Rover 600 路虎600寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Rover 618 路虎618寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Rover 620 路虎620寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Rover 800 路虎800寫啟動
                [.] Fixed some PCF7936 software’s interface bugs
                [.] Now the software will open on the last selected transponder type.
                [.] Fixed bug while an user attempts to save file with multiple “.BIN” extension 18, October 2008 2008.10.18
                Version 1.20 (hw 1.006)
                [+] Hardware update, v1.6
                [+] Added PCF7942/44 (transponder, remote, eeprom) 讀寫7942 9744
                [.] Fixed bug Temic 11 Read
                [.] Fixed bug Temic 12 Read
                [.] Fixed bug WriteBytewise on PCF7930/35/EML
                [.] Fixed some bugs on EML, PCF7930-35 reading
                [!] Changed file size while PCF7936 Save File operation. New size is 48 bytes length. The new format additionally has the password
                or crypto key values. The short files with length of 32 bytes supported as well as the new long files of 48 bytes length.

                13, October 2008 2008.10.13
                Version 1.19 (hw 1.005)
                [+] Key maker Honda Accord 1999 motorola maskset 0F10V 本田雅閣1999寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Honda Civic 2001 motorola maskset 3D33J 本田思域2001寫啟動

                11, October 2008 2008.10.11
                Version 1.18 (hw 1.005)
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Benz for motorola maskset 1D69J v.2 奔馳寫啟動
                [.] Changes in Megamos-48 reading algorithm

                25, September 2008 2008.9.25
                Version 1.17 (hw 1.005)
                [+] Hardware update, v1.5
                [+] Megamos48 new features

                23, September 2008 2008.9.23
                Version 1.16 (hw 1.004)
                [+] Explore Key feature is now active in makers 奔馳重啟動
                Mercedes Benz 0D53J

                Mercedes Benz 0D66J
                Mercedes Benz 0D69J v.1
                Mercedes Benz 0D69J v.2
                Mercedes Benz 1D69J

                19, September 2008 2008.9.19
                Version 1.15 (hw 1.004)
                [+] Hardware update, v1.4
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Benz for motorola maskset 0D53J 奔馳寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Benz for motorola maskset 0D66J
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Benz for motorola maskset 0D69J v.1
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Benz for motorola maskset 0D69J v.2
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Benz for motorola maskset 1D69J

                18, September 2008 2008.9.18
                Version 1.14 (hw 1.003)
                [+] Key maker BMW CAS3 Ver.2 寶馬CAS3寫啟動
                [.] Changed algorithms for CAS2, CAS3

                18, September 2008 2008.9.18
                Version 1.13 (hw 1.003)
                [+] Hardware update, v1.3
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Benz ML-seria, AAM immo 奔馳寫啟動
                [+] Key maker Mercedes Benz ML-seria, EAM immo

                12, September 2008 2008.9.12
                Version 1.12
                [+] All key makers for EWS allow to restore data in a damaged key. Accessible from any EWS key maker: click Explore Key and follow instructions.
                [+] EWS Key Viewer. Allows to view the data of any BMW EWS key.
                No dump needed. The vewer displays the key No., mileage counter, VIN, transponder type, EWS model.
                [+] Modified the Tiris-4C interface and features.



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